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  1. On the facebook page of BORN KITE there is some new information about StreetStar.
  2. Here are more videos .... very informative. Now only the prices are missing!
  3. I this just discovered on the Facebook page of BORN KITE.
  4. Just on the facebook page of BORN-KITE fresh colors for the StreetStar discovered.
  5. Nice video on the Facebook page of BORN-KITE to see.
  6. Direct comparison of LongStar-2 with Peak 3, on the test weekend of Flysurfer (27. and 28. January 2017) at the Resia lake (Italy). Conclusion of the tester "JoKo": Personally I have not been able to discover any advantages when testing from Peak3. These are the advantages of the LongStar-2: -parks cleanly at the wind window edge -turns fast -is stable in the sky, whether it is a low wind, a stronger gust or a short wind hole no ear flaps -flight behavior very close to the tube kite, by no means like a typical soft kite -was able to pull up very well even in low winds and also build up speed (a little sinuse with little wind presupposed) -FAS Safety works perfectly (have a 4 linen bar rebuilt, with 5th leash) -depower very well and he does not flutter around like a bag in the wind The complete report of "JoKo" can be read at the German kite forum: https://www.drachenforum.net/index.php/Thread/93581-Born-Kite-LongStar-Sammelthread/?pageNo=7
  7. BORN-KITE has a relaxed snow kite video at facebook.
  8. Thank you John, super report and video, I have today a 7.5m Longstar 2 ordered.
  9. Thank you John, super report and video, I have today a 7.5m Longstar 2 ordered.
  10. If you want to save money, then take an existing bar. And you must not learn something news. How was the rating for the peak 2, certainly not 10/10 ?
  11. It would be a pity, if John not publish more posts. He always have a high level !!! BORN-KITE sent me a link to the topic: twin stopper ball. There is to see this video:
  12. Is this your test result for the Longstar 2, something little. We expected more content! The bar system is also 2017 current. The colors may vary. KITEATTUTIDE has a patent for this bar. Read the test report in the German Kitemagazine "Kite & Friends", December 2016 (very positive). https://www.kiteattitude.fr/en/15-totem-universal-bars Wrong statement, the chickenloop is not old. It is still used for the APEX 5 (HQ) model 2016 / 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvXkcZi-Ll0 I have asked BORN KITE for an opinion on the twin stopper ball. As soon as I have a response from BORN KITE, I will publish it. I have this bar, the Chickenloop only works with pulling force on the front lines. Kite-frontstall is a catastrophe, the depower line is limp, you need two hands to trigger. No good recommendation!
  13. BORN-KITE offers on Monday another bar for the Long Star 2, to seen on the facebook page.
  14. Yes, it looks like Long Star 2 and Peak 3 use the same safety system as the self-willed Long Star 1. Check out the video from minute: 5:35 to 5:53 - line system 7:50 to 7:57 - safety function