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  1. Was cold the old claws were blue Another run
  2. Rob Lukin and Andy having a blast down Louth Bay while the tide only .2m. Post some video up later
  3. Definitely on my bucket list 👍👍
  4. GoPro Hero 5 and above.. Just using the GoPro Quik software that’s a free download.. once installed you just load your video and then you can turn the gauges on and off. Can also move them around to where it suits you. Fantastic way to verify speeds etc. Also has the height gauge which is great in sand dunes to see how high they are. The dunes at Wanna start at 30m above sea level and go up to over 100m, which is a long haul for a kite and buggy. BTW spewing I couldn’t get a ride in yet.. I’m the sad soul in the video sitting on the chair at the waterline taking photos 😥😥😥
  5. Video

    The YouTube video of our session at the Wanna sand dunes in our GT Race buggies. No sound track just the sound of a coupla dudes having a blast.. Short version
  6. Time to pull out the 14m..... gotta break something 🤔😜😂
  7. Was wearing a seat harness not a waist one. Also riding a LEI with a bar. Happened that quick that I was in air before I realised then tried to land softly. Would of been worse if it let go/ released when I was up there instead of riding it back to ground.
  8. GT Buggy is fine.. Actually got pulled straight up and out of buggy. I went up and buggy went forward. was putting kite at 12 o'clock to do a turn when a big gust of wind hit me and sent me up. Happened so quick that I didn't have time to do anything but say " shit I'm a long way up " 😳😳
  9. Done a good job guys Pelvis fractured in 2 places L1-L5 vertebrae fractured (stable) 4 ribs on left fractured plus a bit of bark in places Feeling pretty sore