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  1. So stoked with these GT's, just REALLY pissed there no friggin wind to give them a good run and scare the crap out of us.. looking back at the old buggies they seem so fragile and flimsy... will definitely post the footage of the virgin run in them....
  2. Got some Beachracer tyres coming with an overseas order and the supplier has 2 spare ones if anyone needs them.. Have to be quick as order leaving this week if you want it chucked in 👍 Cheers Jase
  3. Where do you get your tyres from Chook?
  4. what a huge difference the rim size makes to the profile of the tyre Midi XL on 4" rim versus 8" rim
  5. When only words can describe THAT feeling.. https://youtu.be/nGgkW7a6SQ4
  6. Roger that.. local availability makes a big difference. If we can find Australian stockist even better. They might even stock the beachracer?? if you look under slicks you will find a duro equivalent too. Always on the lookout for options 👍
  7. Noticed the Deestone are only 4 ply tho. Would that make them softer in the sidewall and thus prone to popping off rim when drifting sideways? Just looking at options available IN Australia for both buggies to save on the freight or time before delivery.. would be interesting to see if they have them on the shelf too..
  8. Yep.. and the 18x8.5x8 is midi xl 👍👍 deestone tyre??
  9. Anyone tried these guys for buggy wheels.. looks like some familiar sizes there. http://www.geotyres.com.au/16x6-50-8-d837-4-ply-deestone-rib-tyre/
  10. Man we were so keen to get riding we both forgot to put boots on.. trying to figure out who's riding by their thongs/feet. So keen to get back out there. Slower?????? Who wants to go slower.. 😃😂👍
  11. A dune run with a Cabrinha Caos 14m
  12. Unedited 8 min run on 9.5 Best Kite.. Total Blast https://youtu.be/zOPA4Hp3Gj8
  13. https://youtu.be/V-F39ahInRo
  14. The bit we rode in is just a small part of the dune system. Access is good as there is a 4wd track which skirts the bottom of the dunes on the seaward side. Sleaford to Wanna Track. Given the right wind direction and a support vehicle to pick up at the end there is no reason a buggy couldn't make the whole distance of the dune system, especially in winter when the sand gets wet and packs down harder.. Lots of razorbacks at the top of the dunes to entertain the brave as well ..
  15. Dude we just blew our socks off with each run.. Rain squalls didn't help with judging the wind either.. We both had a few brown stain moments where the only thought was OMFG.. Definitely going to give it another try.. Look at the elevation on the footage will post a bit more up later