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  1. Mens and animals...all are crazy for the surf! (very good) hahhahaah
  2. Anastasia Ashley, Alana Blanchard, Erica Hosseini, Coco Ho, PuchaGarcía
  3. SHIP STERN BLUFF - Tasmania (Australia) CYCLOPS - Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia THE RIGHT - Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia BANZAI PIPELINE - Pūpūkea, Oahu (Hawaii)
  4. Is very hard!!!!
  5. DUNGEONS - Hout Bay, South Africa MAVERICKS - Half Moon Bay, San Francisco TEAHUPPO - Tahití, French Polynesia JAWS - Peahí, Hawaii NAZARÉ - Região de Turismo do Oeste, Portugals MOST DANGERUSE WAVES OF WORLD
  6. Thans for yours comments!!!
  7. Puerto Escondido (México) Ship Stern Bluff (Tasmania) Maverick´s (California) Waimea Bay (Hawaii) Jaws (Hawaii) Teahupoo (Tahiti) Nazaré (Portugal)