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  1. GREAT SPOT!! 👍🏻❤ thank you very much!
  2. Yes i'm in townsville now and ready to start 😄 And i was reading some statistics yesterday about jelly and crocs and guess they are less dangerous than bees in europe... so i will wear a stingersuit but i don't worry no more... 😉
  3. Haha! Like that! Just in case... 😄
  4. Wow that looks great!
  5. Aww i missed that! But i've seen you from far. You guys were flying biig kites for buggys! Hope you enjoyed. Cheers
  6. Just arrived in yeppoon. Veeery beautiful spot! Just some more wind could be good...
  7. Wow! Is there a video how to bring a setup like this in the water without tangel it?
  8. Hi there i'm looking for a second hand foilkite between 6 and 8 sqm, for 4 or 5 lines. I like things like pl synergy... age doesn't matter. i'm currently in bundaberg on my way north and then to perth. And australia got more wind than expected ❤ cheers
  9. I taught so 👍🏻😄 but how do you make sure you're safe?
  10. Wow! How does that keeps shape?
  11. Hi there i'm travelling around australia and try to kitesurf as much as possible. Now located in eliott heads qld and heading north. Now: do people kitesurf in northern qld, because of crocs stingers or what ever? And i'm sure they do :-) but: what do i have to look at? Are there some good spots? cheers
  12. hi mate.

    is your PL still available?


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    2. .Joel

      You need to made 5 posts / contributions to the website it will unlock your messenger and then I can send you my information.

    3. Martin Schär


      what counts as post?


    4. .Joel

      Nope. Try the forum, lots of content there you can contribute to :good: