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  1. Here's a video from a month or so ago, just mucking around down at Semaphore beach. Probably my 4th or 5th time flying a quad. Semaphore Beach
  2. It was an amazing day (apart from the lost lines and handles), near perfect weather and those colours against the sky looked awesome.
  3. Wish I had seen his earlier.
  4. I feel your pain too Darren, having a few bad experiences with Optus, including damage to my roof and ceiling by their subcontractors. And a number of extremely heated discussions and swearing. I went about posting a very long winded post on their Facebook page, I also spent to much time photoshopping their logo from Optus "Yes" to Optus "No". They deleted it fairly quickly, but with amount of thumbs up it got, it made me feel a little better.
  5. Love the sled kite, great for the kids.
  6. I think it was more to do with the expert tuition rather than any skill on my behalf. But I had an absolute blast today, it's amazing the amount of control you have with quads.
  8. I had this turn up on Monday, hopefully fly it this weekend. And yes I realise that the spar is on the wrong side.
  9. Thanks good to hear, I'll be flying in no time.
  10. Thanks Chook Once I can fly the thing I'll see what I want/need to upgrade. I'm going to catch up with Kaos for fly, hopefully I can pick up a few tips there too. Also have a Prism Hypnotist winging its way to me that I got from Briskites to learn some stunts on too. Lately I've just been just playing with some cheap parafoils which I'm really enjoying and just picked up a PL Impluse off gumtree to try out aswell, just waiting some wind.
  11. One Freilein quad on its way. Looking forward to trying one out for the first time.
  12. Thanks, I'll just need to spam a few posts then
  13. Thanks Kaos, I'll flick you a PM. Edit: Just found out I can't send PM's yet, if you could send it to would be appreciated.
  14. Hi guys, I'm new here, but starting to look around to get a decent quad and also a stunt kite. Really like the Freilein quads and was searching the web for reviews and thats how I found Extreme Kites. I was wondering the guys that have purchased from OSK found them to deal with and also what sort of costs was involved with the freight to ship them to Oz?