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    Stunt Kites and Parafoils. And I would like to get into Kite Buggying

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  1. Cool! Better than Christmas. Thanks Jo!
  2. Ok, that makes sense to me.
  3. I will be there. @Jo Baker will you be bringing some of those trainer kites we spoke about? Looking forward to meet up with you guys.
  4. Yes. I have spoke to Jo a few times already.
  5. Î have a bit of experience sewing leather with an old Singer 201 I have (straigt stitch only) but I´ve never sewn delicate fabric used for kites. Thats someting I still have to learn. But I´m not averse to giving it a try. Suppose I would have to lend my Mum´s sewing machine and find somebody to teach me.
  6. I´ve got no knowledge of this subject... but I´m wondering if a Prusik Knot (I know them from climbing) might work too?
  7. I dont know if it has an official name. At least I cant find one. But if you enter "226 Spring Rd, Dingley Village VIC 3172" into Google Maps or Navi that will get you to the right spot.
  8. @DrWind ,,, Thanks for a great afternoon Chris. It was a pleasure meeting you and I had a great time. I fear the "Kite Buggy Bug" has biten me now. Can´t wait to have a go myself now!
  9. Cool Chris. Sounds like a good time.
  10. Come on ... admit it .... your practising for Spike
  11. Nudge ......
  12. If I didn´t know any better I´d say thats in the wrong thread. --------> "Spike" But I can see it´s the Caterpiller head. hmmmm....ponder.....
  13. The problem is... when i prayed for patience on evening I woke up the next morning with a deck of cards under my pillow.