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  1. Well Done Andy, that is a cool way to use leftover material. Whats next a set of stacked yellow Rev copies?
  2. For Sale

    Hmmm should I hit Andy up for some material to make that bright yellow ripstop man bag I have always wanted
  3. You know you have upset your neighbour when ... 48°08'34.7"N 123°10'08.6"W
  4. For Sale

    I don't think my beach would be big enough to fly that monster Andy
  5. So we all now know how to beat facial recognition software, with a metal pasta strainer
  6. Thats a cool editing job.
  7. Shhhh don't tell @Chook he has enough Rev's already
  8. Thats damn funny
  9. @Chook Clive mentioned you got there a bit early yesterday when I went down to see him. Good thing you got there nice and early for your flight. PS. Wifi is right to go for next year. Remember I was saying there was a number of crocs living in the river in Rockhampton. Guy posted a photo of this 5.5m beauty sunning itself on the banks of the Fitzroy river on Wednesday. Damn good reason to stay out of the flood waters around here in future
  10. Interesting design for a buggy axle, will be interesting to see how it holds up over time. I would imagine there will be a fair amount of stress on the bolts and plates where it attaches to the side rails.
  11. Chook getting in his final kite session for Easter 2017 The Beach is empty again now, at least the soilder crabs can breathe a sigh of relief for another year. Thanks to all those that turned up over Easter, you will all be missed until next time.
  12. Some aerial shots of the boys playing on the beach at Yeppoon this afternoon.
  13. Jeremy ( @westfire ) teaching Cathy to kite with a 7m FS Pulse and her first go in the buggy at Yeppoon yesterday. It was eventful first session in which Cathy managed her first powered downturn (by accident ) and shot up the beach at a fair speed, after firing the safety release on the kite she ended up in the kite with the buggy. No injuries to Cathy or the kite and we all had a good laugh. Full marks for giving it a good go on her second day out of kiting.