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Flexifoil Blade III 3.0M

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Flexifoil Blade III 3.0M (White/Grey/Black)
$150 Kite Only
$200 Complete w/ Lines & Handles

Devilishly quick small kite, this kite is a hell of a lot of fun.

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    • By andy666
      Custom made 1830 f-arc
      Brand new, made from 2 factory fresh 1600 f-arcs and never flown.
      Price drop $375
      This is the ultimate light wind arc and the 2nd one I have made. The first is my personal kite and it flys beautifully.
      Has TE deflate valve fitted and alternative tip cut mod done, which allows VPC bridle to be attached (bridle instructions included). 
      Standard leaders attached and can be flown off any bar with single front line or 5th line safety. For EK member I will include the vpc bridle.
      Kite only without spars to save on postage. But 9.5mm (3/8) fibreglass tent poles can be purchased from eBay very cheap. 

    • By bakersdozen
      Not getting the use it deserves. Comes with 2018 version maps on the sd card.
      $200 ono..

    • By .Joel
      F-Arc 1600's For Sale (SOLD)
      Brand new and unopened, I bought a few from Outlaw ( ) plus extras for people that never picked up / never paid.  So here they are available for sale locally in Melbourne.
      $60 each + Post.
      Pickup from Richmond 3121.