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On 2/27/2017 at 0:34 PM, andy666 said:

Wow, that kite looks rock solid stable. They have come a long way from the peak 1

I owned the 6m and 12m P3s for a short period and then unloaded them. I had previously owned and really liked an entire quiver of P2s (4, 6, 9, and 12m) flying them primarily in a buggy on both small grass fields and large playas. I've never flown a P1. While it is completely true that the P3s are more refined, crisper turning, lesser bridling, much tighter in the air (decreased flapping) etc., it came at the price of hugely increased bar pressure. The part not mentioned so far in this thread is that Flysurfer elected to decrease the number of DP pulleys per side from 2 to 1. As such, while more "direct", the pilot also lost a lot of mechanical advantage over the kite. 

My only flying with the P3s was in a buggy on Lake Ivanpah, an immense dry lake bed on the border of CA and NV in the Southwestern US. You can go for many miles on this playa without turning. I got very sore and uncomfortable with the high bar pressure coming from the side with the P3s and really didn't enjoy flying them in this setting. I suspect they would be great from atop a land board where you face the kite, and further would be completely fine flown on a smaller surface necessitating many turns.

Bottom line, I sold the P3s and stocked up on a quiver of Born-Kite LongStar-2s. The LS2s are most certainly in the same lane as the Peaks but have two DP pulleys per side and great bar feel and pressure and are also rock solid in the air. DP can be throttled off more completely with the Peaks than the LS2s, but the LS2s DP plenty. 

I'm not trying to bash the P3s unduly. There could easily be other pilots out there saying "Thank God they finally got rid of those extra pulleys and gave us some more direct control through the bar" or some such. Most certainly to each his or her own, but I thought XK users should know about this as it is a highly noticeable change if you are used to the P2 bar feel. 

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      Flysurfer Sonic-FR 9M Depower Race Foil
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      Bought brand new and flown about 20 - 25 times, awesome kite with a massive usable wind range.  I've had the kite comfortably in 10 knots in the buggy, and screaming in 20-25 over 87km/h with 1 arm on the bar.  The kite is incredibly versatile and usable, and has the least lift when powered up of all the depower race kites I've flown so far (R1, Diablo, Sonic-FR).  Kite is in excellent condition.

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      Repair time for my FlySurfer kites. The pulley lines have busted on one kite, pulley lines on others are on their way out and one none pulley bridle busted needing replacement. FlySurfer offer a line service but are expensive, so time to consider alternatives to make my own. FlySurfer does publish the line plans giving both the lengths of the finished product and the length before the loops have been made. So off I go and measure some of the bridles and they are quite different to the published data, sure I understand the lines shrink over the years as dirt gets in, but did not expect them to be so different. For instance the st1 bridle which directly attaches to the canopy at the wing tip, one attachment point foreward from the trailing edge: as measured 55cm, FlySurfer published 60 cm, that is 5cm shrinkage or 8% shrinkage. Spot checked other bridle lines, say the red ones getting similar figures. It is almost as if the dimensions are for a differnent kite. Any one else measured their FlySurfer bridles and compared to published data from FlySurfer?
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