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Pansh Aeolus

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Well its here. The culmination of Pansh progress.


Fingers crossed we get to see it soon!

Personally i predict it to be another step in the right direction and a brilliant kite. The aurora2 and Cerberus are brilliant. This can only get better. Under £800 for a 18m. Yes please. 


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Id say its closer towards a race kite than the aurora. But maybe "race" is a bit far. High aspect suggests they are trying to follow a trend. It could result in good upwind angles. Speed is something yet to be determined once someone gets to test it. 

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Igor Wodyk shared some thoughts and photos about his Pansh Aeolus....


I have 3 years’ experience with open cell foil kites (land boarding & snow kiting) and +6 years with leading edge inflatable kite -kitesurfing.
I had 5m blaze kite for few years that I use for land board and was happy with the kite so I decided to buy pansh Aeolus.
I have used pansh promotion “buy one kite for half price and get second smaller kite for free”. So I decided to buy 21m + 11m with the bar and in total I have payed 953 euro.

Overall im happy with the purchase -kite fly nice.
I am planning to use this kite mostly for snow kiting and landboarding and sometimes for kitesurfing too.

I was able to go up wind on 21m kite in 10knots wind. When the wind was below 10 knots (6-8) I was only able to go downwind on the water. 

On 21 m and 10 knots I am not able to jump successfully as the kite is to slow. I can jump but not able to redirect kite and land. Not sure about 11m , it might be faster so easier to jump.
The kite and lines looks solid. The bar is not the best. Looks very cheap and I would not recommend it, -so don’t buy it if you can get 5 line bar from somewhere else. 
After first couple of minutes kiting the chicken loop broke (rubber tube cracked but i was able to still use it as there is a rope inside checken loop). Fortunately I have spare chickden loop from Crazyfly so I have to change it and now the bar works ok. Safety relese ok but old type. 
Another thing is that the safety line was 1m shorter than all other lines so I had to extend it, otherwise my kite was pulled in the middle by the safety line and was not able to fly. No big deal, quick fix, but still not sure how this could happen.  
So after those adjustments kite is flying well but I need to test more with 11m. 

2 kites and bar and lines for 953 euro - it is a good deal and I am recommending it , but I would NEVER pay full price for that. 
Another thing is tax. Pansh says that we don’t have to pay taxes but I had to pay 261.65 euro vat and other taxes (republic of Ireland tax) and I just got refund from Pansh but I had to wait 2 months and send 20+ emails. So word of caution, be patient and persistent.
Please let me know if you need some information about Aeolus.


PANSH Aeolus 2017 in flight 001.jpg

PANSH Aeolus 2017 in launching 002.jpg

PANSH Aeolus 2017 in flight 004.jpg

PANSH Aeolus 2017 in flight 003.jpg

PANSH Aeolus 2017 in flight 005.jpg

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