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With a windless May and time on my hands I’m thinking how can I make this kiting hobby cost neutral. Surely harnessing the collective brainpower of the XK lounge should be able to come up with a workable solution.  Thoughts so far have included:

-          Get a second job, night fill or other out of hours work (discounted this one, working enough hours already)

-          Interest arbitrage using peer to peer lending where interest received is 10%+ (as long as who I lend to doesn’t go broke)

-          Some form of pay it forward system (will probably involve me just buying someone else a kite)

-          Sell advertising space on my kites (makes a good excuse to get out flying more)

-          Get a group together to approach corporate sponsor to put their name on a heap of kites (has some merit)

-          Create a kite tupperware/amway/nutrimetics/etc  (read somewhere pyramid schemes are illegal)

-          Internet stuff. Amazon Affliates, Clickbank, Adsense (big learning curve and seems like hard work)

-      Put together a private consortium and buy all the honey in Australia, forcing a shortage, price goes up then sell at a profit.

Well that’s about all I could come up with. What other ideas are out there to legally generate the funds to buy a couple of new kites per year.

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Posted (edited)

20+ years ago I was offered the best way to achieve this, I was offer a job selling and demonstrating kite at festivals through out the UK:blind:. Instead I got married and moved to Aus. Hum :confused:

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I cane

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