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    • By .Joel
      With my old SixSixOne Comp helmet finally disintegrating and new buggies with the aim of pushing for some records on the dry lakes and claypans over the coming year I've been giving some thought to a decent helmet.  After some time online reviewing and looking at various options @nigel appeared with a Dakar crossover helmet which initially I thought was slightly droid like, however after some thought it made sense being able to wear my prescription glasses behind the visor.
      The decision was between the Oneal 2015 Sierra Dual Sport and the Bell MX-9 2016 Adventurer, so today I tried on both and came out with the Bell MX-9.  I don't think you could go wrong with either, and in fact I really like the secondary visor in the Oneal.  However I felt the Bell was a better finished unit and the big plus was with the visor up there was far more vision out of the Bell MX-9 than the other helmets with visors that I had tried in this category.  
      The helmet fits really snug, nearly sore cheekbone snug however after a few wears they loosen up enough you can chew gum wearing them.  Couple more things I appreciated about it was that the metal was painted, the so called "stainless" in the grills of many helmets just rusts out in saltier environments.  Another positive in the same respect was that it has two d-loops instead of a clip in buckle.  I had one of those not in great condition cease up on me and there I was trying to blindly spray WD40 in to the buckle under my chin to get it to slide to release the helmet.  Again most of the fittings are plastic, opposed to that cheap metal in many helmets that again rusts very quickly.  So overall for the environment and the purpose I felt the Bell MX-9 was a good choice.  
      Once I've used it for a few outings I'll do a review.  Out of all the colours I went a majority white colour scheme so it's cooler on the head in summer.