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    • By Jo Baker
      2 HQ Beamer Power Kites.  Brand new  in backpacks  with Lines and handles and instructions.   These kites are older style   have been in storage .   i  is  5 meter  Blue and white  other one is 3.6 meter and yellow with some red.    They are located in Frankston Vic.      5 m  $ 175    3.6m  $ 150   or $ 300 for both. 

    • By Dingo
      Hi everyone. Just wondering if anybody might have some spare parts for a stunt kite. On my 15y old Delta the middle "T" has broken. I have tried to glue it but without any luck. Please see photo. The "T" is for 6mm spars.
    • By Butterfly Bee
      Hi Stunt Kiters
      I have broken so many P200 lower spreaders on my E3 to the point where I want to get rid of it....and its always the same thing.....the tubing cracks at the centre T on the female spar. Prism acknowledges this fact. Does anyone know, or developed a solution to this frustrating problem ? Your help would be most appreciated
      Grazie Mille