Wanna Dunes GT Buggy Take 2

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That just got added to the list of places to visit :good: 

Looks amazing, those dunes in person must be huge as the action cameras always make them look smaller yet this time around they still look big.

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Yep you guys welcome any time just rock up we have 5 buggys and access to more fly in fly out between a few of us we can house at least 10 people before setting up campers and caravans  come on down we dare ya   haha 

Bring on Kingston i say 

The area is just a small part of of the whole dune system its about 30 mts above sea level up to about 90 mts  fanging up a hill at 40-50 km prr hour 

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Brilliant! such a huge expanse of sand. You can tell how much fun you guys where having also.

When we come across, ill have to take two cars. One for the buggy and us. and one for the beach racers :)


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