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A group blog by the crew heading to Poker Face @ Kingston 2018 :good: 

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Beach domination!

The gents dominated the beach today - which was pretty impressive as it was roughly 5 knots all afternoon but a perfect onshore wind (which turned directly south towards the end) But that just went to show that the beach is do-able with the southernly. 

@bull31 and “Roger” rocked up to supply the wanted shade on this 30c day and the entertainment began.

I’m still learning the kites from visuals, so I’m sorry to not be able to give you all the specs (so hopefully our pilots can fill in the gaps)

@igeighty flew his 6.5 Vapor and in true tradition went up and over the granites and added more to his bash plate scratches

@Chook flew his new red 18m Ozone Chrono 1 (which I’m going to label this one Schumacher because it’s fast, enjoyable to watch and red!) 200.6km non-stop (no peedle stop either) and we were in awe at his effort. Excellent job! Get this though, the slowest speed he was travelling was 0.5kph and his fastest was 52.6kph 

@roblukin had Chook’s 12.5m HQ Montana depower foil to loan as it wasn’t strong enough to launch the Icon inflatables. He did an awesome job sporting his crocks and socks.

@jhn.holgate added to the rainbow in the sky with his yellow 9.5m Longstar and @Tiger37 flew his 9m Flysurfer Peak 1 and was having a blast.

@Grants bit the bullet and had a go at Doug’s 2.7 practice Vapor on handles and rather fancies himself a set of kenda landseglers (or similar @.Joel 😜)

And as for me, we’ve come to the conclusion that the blow-fly needs at least 10knots with the “traffic cone” 5.5m sail to get moving so I set it up with wishful thinking but ended up having a splash around in the water instead)

Photos provided by myself and Kirsty (Mrs. @Grants)


Dougie and his 6.5m Vapor


Mez being a traffic cone


Set up (Doug, Mez and Ella)


John and the Longstar


Chook racing the ‘Schumacher’


Chook and John


Dead Calm....

Yesterday saw a rest day from Buggying however the Blokart came out on the foreshore and @igeighty, @Tiger37, @Grants and myself all went out and had an attempted sail and a few static flies. Have picked out a present I shall be buying myself, a vented Freilein. @Chook was flying one last night and it was a pleasant flight. Tell you what, if he had a few, he would of had some buyers with both John and Trevor also keen. 

Today we’re off again to see Robyn at Sandy Grove for Muntrie Cheesecake and coffees before heading off to the beach for a fly. 


Monday 15th January

Back to Beachport today. Checked out the beach Blowhole Road (with 4x4 access) Excellent, however the wind was square on at the Millicent Road Car Park, (where we were based yesterday) so we split up and met in the middle. It’s a southernly 21 knot this afternoon and again another buggy day in the sun. Bit rough for the Blokart, so watched the others. John and Trevor are both on the Born Stars, Dougie on the 2.7 Vapor, Chook out with the 9.0 Ozone R1 and not sure what Rob or Andy are flying as they haven’t made it down this far. Much more wind than yesterday but less foot traffic.





Beachport Fly

So the buggy wheels became sandy from our trip out to BeachPort, which is 89km south east from Kingston SE. Just before you head into town and before the caravan park is a small pull in which puts you straight on the beach. After a few groups of horses trotted through, Doug was out, keen to get a fly before another hacking group came through. With the wind SSW at 15 knots, the GT was offloaded and a 2.7m Vapor hoisted into the air, a few runs up and down the beach and Doug comes back in to grab a 4.5m Vapor. 

After a trip into town, John and Trevor pull in and both put up their Longstar (Green) 3.5 for John and (Blue) 7.0 for Trevor. The colours in these two kites are crisp and clean. Andy arrives with the family and the second GT buggy graces the beach. He puts up a 9.5 Kahoona and gets a few runs in with the others.

In the mean time, Chook went to investigate the beach 20km along at Southend. A little wider and with 4x4 beach access, however the wind turns to favour BeachPort so he heads back and puts his green R1 in the air. I think sometimes Chook forgets that this buggy has three wheels, as we watched him a few times balance on just the two. Rob (after much contemplation) decides that the beach needs another GT and shows off his new winching system on the back of his Chamonix. Pretty nifty! Around 5pm we start to gather back in and in head back to Kingston. Everyone quite happy to of had a session and an alternative beach. 



First Morning

@igeighty and myself rocked up around 6:30 (SA time) last night and set up camp. After a windy (relatively dry night) we wake to a windy and rather wet morning. Before the heavy falls started, I took my coffee up to the foreshore and watched the sand being pushed up onto the road. It was quite blustery up there. 

So far @jhn.holgate @Rob and @Chook managed to get out on the beach yesterday. @Grants and his family are camped up too (sorry we didn’t come over to say g’day yet. Had to put up the fortress before the weather came through.

It is a waiting game at the moment for the rain to pass through and head over to Victoria as it’s a double low tide day today!





So it begins....

With the event of the year just a few days away, I shall try and keep up with the 2018 Kingston Blog. Watch this space! (have to speak with @.Joel on how to make this a group blog)