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Kite festivals



I'm going east at the end of September for the new incarnation of the Kira Kite Festival on the Gold Coast. I have started to try and plan how to get my kites over without the airline 1) losing my bags or 2) breaking anything. With my revs it's not too bad as I've got some spare frames complete and a hole in the sail just needs a bit of tape. It's the dual line kites that are, delicate isn't the right word, a bit harder to fix or replace. I've got a plan. I'll break down the duals fully and put inside their bags. I'll take the revs out of my rev bag and roll up with my duals in my dual bag. Then roll the whole she-bang up in my rev bag. Like one big burrito. I might even wrap that all up in plastic sheet to prevent any bits falling out. Now, let's hope that all comes under the 23kg weight limit... 


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When I head to Queensland to kite I actually ship my gear up in advance in a crate I made.  However i'm talking buggies and power kites which are quite larger, in your case for sport kites what about something like a rifle case?  You could either check it in, or courier it up ahead of you.


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That's a great idea Joel!!!!

I pull all the rods out of my Revs and I have light PVC pipe I slip them all into and close the ends over with high density foam sticky taped over the ends. My 2 duals I took I left in their supplied bags and wrapped them in my large power kite to protect them.

I travel with a large cricket bag 350mm x350mm x 1000mm (it hasn't got any sport logos on it) which will take the PVC tube length wise. I have also used a Hockey bag. These are great to travel with they have skateboard wheels, so roll over grass and they stand on one end when stowing in trains etc.

Most times it gets checked through as normal luggage but on a few occasions they have made me check it in as oversize. There has never been an additional cost. I must say it is better checked in as oversize as it's first off the plane and onto the carrousel.

I haven't ever had kites damaged but had a GPS totalled with half a black screen. I originally thought it had been crushed, but was wrapped in a beach towel in the centre of my bag. But after reading on a forum, the problem is the luggage holds on my local regional carrier isn't pressurized as part of the aircraft. With a totally sealed GPS it popped the screen from it's internal pressure. There were lots of instances of this happening.:eek:

I now make sure that my cameras and gps have there cases open or the battery cover loose when I fly.

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I heard that golf clubs can be taken and are not counted towards you weight limit. I checked out a few travel cases. I even looked at buying a second hand golf bag and taking the guts out of it. I think so long as I roll it it should be good. 


Last time I rolled the two kite bags as one damn thing was about 350mm in diameter. I've got a couple more kites since then...

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The PVC pipe idea works well.

I had one that I used to carry several kites around, with no fear of breakage.

Go to your local supplier, they have different sizes and you can get a screw top for one end.


Went to the UAE to kite buggy a few years back, and took my C-Quads.

Made a corflute box (1m x 1m x 20cm). These went in the hold as sporting goods and nothing to pay.

I did label them in big texta: Kites, fragile!

No breaks, the only issue was I nearly had to pull them all out at customs!!  An 8.5m C-Quad exploding out of a bag in a confined space!! :eek:

They were almost too big to go through the x-ray machine!


I know several of the kite surfing companies make bags that look like golf bags, as it is true that most airlines will not charge you for golf gear.

You might want to contact the airline and find out what sporting goods they do allow.

As long as the bag/tube is labeled "kites" and your not pushy, you should get it through no problems.  

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I heard that golf clubs can be taken and are not counted towards you weight limit.

Not any more :-(
The good thing about air travel within Australia is you can pre-purchase extra bags/weight for very reasonable fees these days ($30 per 23kg bag on Qantas).  It used to be "excess baggage" at exorbitant rates, so we would ship stuff to festivals a couple of weeks ahead of time using couriers.  Now we just pay the small amount to take it on a plane with us

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Putting all the "kite gear" together this week to trial a few ideas. Also to weigh the bag to see how close to 23kg it really is! I have this suspicion that it will goe very close once ALL the kites and bits have been rolled up. Hoping that I don't have to cull some items...

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I weighed all the gear I'm taking, minus the kite I just bought, and it all came to 13kg. Way under. BUT. The buckles on the Rev bag were struggling to close. After making a list of what I could leave behind....:cray:


I bought a golf bag travel cover to put both kite bags in! Even with the extra bag weight, 3kg, I'm still under 20kg which is good. I should get the bag some time next week so I will post a couple of pics then. Basic dimensions are 1300 x 300 x 320. It has wheels and the rest. So it will fit my Rev bag rolled as normal, my dualile bag with the LE's broken down plus some bits and pieces. Plus I'll put my clothes in too as then it will only be one piece of checked baggage. The clothes will help to pad the kites too. 


Two weeks to go!

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