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reviews_homepreview.thumb.png.29e1ad71a3A brilliant new Extreme Kites Reviews section is now live!  We've put together a stunning view of the reviews homepage that works across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile so you can enjoy the latest content on whatever device you're using.  

For years people have contributed reviews throughout a Discussion Forum or as a Reply to a Topic.  That information has been helpful, however revisiting that information later on when you need it again has been difficult and the longer time went on the harder revisiting that information becomes.  With the new Extreme Kites Reviews to which anyone can contribute we hope as a community to build an incredibly useful resource that's as relevant in years to come as it is today for people searching information and experiences with kites and related gear.

We hope you enjoy the new Extreme Kites Reviews and look forward to your own opinions and experiences shared through your own reviews.

Please submit any issues via the Bug Tracker, feel free to discuss improvements etc in the comments below.

Visit our new Reviews here: http://www.extremekites.com.au/reviews/

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Our reviews have now hit Page3 and the section continues to grow with members submitting new Reviews.
I'm also bringing across old reviews from past versions of the website.

Link: http://www.extremekites.com.au/reviews/ :good: 

As always, reviews help the whole community so if you have a kite that hasn't been reviewed, or even if it has a second point of view is always welcome :) 

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