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Low wind no wind



OK so my son Axel has started exams so I got to go fly as I waited for him.

place Belmont rec.res.- wind almost - kites Mitzel lite,Raven, 12m zip tip Peel and Dharma

first the wind


By crushing a chunk of dry grass to a fine powder from 1.5m up the finer bits drifted about 400-500mm so about bugger all gusting to minus bugger all wind direction west = or - 180o

first out of the bag was the Mitzel lite I can't imagine the UL version of this


made of one peas of icarex with a bit of reinforcing mostly icarex



this kite originally had a 4-4.5mm carbon tube frame but I found far to flexible so I beefed it up using P2 graphite (probably about the same weight as the fittings are bigger , this thing flys well at this wind wind speed up to about walking speed(sornter) at a fast walk (2 1/2-3 1/2mph) it start to make a lot of noise and is out of it's comfort zone.

this thing is just chill on strings it will trick a bit but you have to allow lots of room as it's so lazy but 360 are less than a breeze with it. a nice kite but very limited, surprisingly absolute shit indoors.

Next of the block the raven


this kite has amazed me,it flys in almost nothing and keeps going up the wind till about 15mph, made in rip-stop nylon with a 5.5mm carbon frame tricks very OK for a 20 year old kite,bout this one as it's the same profile as one i ordered custom made from the same guy (Edd Shanks) cost $90 US and is the best value kite I've ever owned. I give this kite to beginners as it's slow and rugged, I fly it my self as it's awesome in light winds dos lots of tricks a 360 is a breeze, what can I say this kite will get fixed for ever or till I can get an other.


And on the next day the wind was whistling (some wear ells) but there was was a bit more draft so here is some footage of two Tim Benson kites the Outer Space and the Phantom Ellette. well soon



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