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Day 1 (19 April 2015)
We walk out of Bayankhongor and kite a few kilometers down a riverbed until the wind changes to headwind. Its 10km to Olziit where our course changes to a crosswind direction so we use our motor/generator setup to motor 7km, it worked ok on flat sealed road, unfortunately the next sealed road is thousands of km's away.
The rest of the is was difficult going through spectacular hilly terrain with big thorn bushes and bad wind, not the easiest conditions to get used to new kites but happy to be underway.
Distance traveled 34km.

leaving bayankhongor

Tergun bogd mountain, 4000m


extra fluffy hand warmers


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Picture of the motor setup below showing the brushless outrunner motor that runs on the tyre, water bottle for holding it off the tyre when not required, bike bag containing speed controller and volt meter, throttle with red button for power or regen, the battery's are in the bags.

The system worked well for charging our battery's, it generated most of our power, unfortunately our feeble battery's would only put out 250w so motoring was only possible on flat sealed roads, which there isn't an abundance of in Mongolia.

Improvements to work on for the next trip are adjustable regen level on the fly, gruntier battery's that are under the airline 330WH restriction, and improvements to the water bottle wedge system.


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thats so simple for what it does!! how fast could you get on ashphalt? Also to cut back the stress what happens if you add another support on the other side of the driving wheel (im assuming this is the outrunner motor?), it would probably put less stress on the motor and cut back the power usage therefore saving some battery?....dont really know though, just a suggestion!

im going out now to have a look at a motorised hub i have, wondering whether i might be able to rig this up somehow.......

thanks for the inspiration!:Thumbs-up-smaller:

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It does 35kph on seal with an unloaded buggy and good 24v battery, faster with 36v. The motor has large bearings, it's a 2kw motor and I'm only using 500w. Motorised hubs work well but they are heavy(13kg with bigfoot tyre) and always have drag.

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