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First Run With GT's

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The following weekend we got out to sandy Point for our first run, 3 of the GT's got there toes wet, Nigel didn't make it because he had a problem with his tyres. We had really good wind on Saturday, Mary went up on the dunes with the windmeter and said it was 25-30 knots. I was only taking it easy so I could get a feel for the buggy and I still reached 68 kph. You don't even feel like your going fast and when you take the pressure off the footpegs the buggy just keeps on going straight. If I did that in my old buggy I would be all over the place. I also managed to get my bar caught through the steering line and pounded my kite into the ground, ripping it from top to bottom. Luckily it was my 4m Air Rush LEI which has been worn paper thin and was ready to die.

On Sunday the wind the wind was a more onshore but only started out light, maybe 12-14 knots, by the time we packed up it was probably 18 knots. I had my 7m IKON Blind2 LEI and I could really feel the difference in pull, my front wheel was skidding all over the place because my hotwire was too far forward (I knew it would be), I'll have  to work on getting it further back without wrecking my nice new seat. So I tried with my harness, not a good idea, I felt like I was going to be pulled straight out of the buggy. My buggy has been made a bit large for me so I can easily get in and out and does not hold me in. The one thing I notied is that kites have way more power with something heavy to pull against. My heelstraps arent working for me yet either, one of my feet also slipped over the top of the footpeg at speed - lucky that the buggy wants to track straight.

Its time for a bit of tweaking with the buggy and hopefully I can get another run in with the boys before I head home to Port Lincoln.
My buggy is the white one, it looks small here but dont let the picture fool you, it is still a big heavy buggy



We had a good long run, from the point of the inlet nearly to Waratah Bay


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