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We Fixed My Kite

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@.Joel just helped me fix my kite that I ripped a couple weeks ago, the rip went the whole way through, from the leading edge all the way to the trailing edge. We used a product called Kite Aid (which Joel sells). Its amazing stuff, you just iron it on, wait 5 minutes and go kiting. There's no longer any need to mess around with sailmakers and expensive sewing repairs. Ive used it before on small rips but never on a tear this large, lets see how it holds up.


Fingers crossed, Ill come back to this post when iv'e had a chance to fly it and let you know what happened.


Had the kite up yesterday in 15-20 knots, just to test it out.

Good news is that the repair worked great, it was rock solid! :Thumbs-up-smaller:



The bad news was that I had the lines caught around the bar and punched the kite into the ground again, it blew out on the other side

Conclusion:  - its getting too fragile and is no longer Rob proof. Time to retire the kite,  its fu%^&*d...

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