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The Path Ahead...



Welcome back, it's been years.... 

Presently the GKC in a caretaker role, the most recent recorded meeting of the GKC was late 2014 and a brief followup during March 2015 to touch base on the present situation.  The aim for 2016 is to finalise the club's position, bring forward all current and outstanding paperwork, present a public record of accounts, publish past meeting minutes directly to this page and digitise as much as possible of the club's history to keep for future posterity.

Meetings over the past 18 months from a group of past members viewed that this continued to be the best way forward in anticipation to see the direction of land kiting in the state.  In the event we see grown over the next 12 to 24 months then the move to rebrand and move forward with the new club honoured, in the event that numbers aren't sufficient a move to deregister the club and present a vote to the final year's members on what path to dispose of the club's financials and physical assets would be made.   Goshen ex-committee member attempted to circumvent the vote of the group in a letter effectively attempting to wind up the club, the committee needs to discuss the contents of this letter then release correspondence. 

Photos of past GKC Fly Days have started appearing in the "Events" gallery.


The present caretaker committee is made up of @nigel President, @The Duke Treasurer, @.Joel Secretary.

Please use the comments sections on these Entries to discuss.


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