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Thirteenth Beach



We had another great day kiting at Thirteenth Beach last week, Doug(@igeighty), John(@jhn.holgate), Shane(@OBEwan), Michael(@Mik333), Richard(@the_hatman) and myself. I'd shifted the tow point of my hotwire further back and it made such a difference, the buggy felt really good this time. 

Towards the end of the day I'd been finding it difficult to see much of anything, and at one point I nearly ran over the hatmans upturned buggy laying in the middle of the beach and the hatman nowhere in sight, I think he'd been ripped out of his buggy and gone scurrying up the hill to rescue his kites before they ended up on the road. I saw him walking back to our launch area towing a buggy in one hand and a mess of broken kites and tangled lines tucked under the other arm.

I'd never been to thirteenth beach before, from what I'd heard i was expecting it to be harder to access the beach, but many hands make light work. Thanks to all you guys for getting me on and off the beach. John came prepared with ropes and pulleys, a couple of you pushing, another 2 of you pulling on the pulley system John rigged up, I just sat back in the buggy and enjoyed the ride! I wanted to go back and do it again, but the guys wouldn't have a bar of it. 

Afterwards we enjoyed a meal at the Barwin Heads hotel, a good feed at the pub is always a great way to end a days kiting. After the pub i jumped in the car an began driving home to Port Lincoln.







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Access to the beach has been more difficult, but a lot of the soft sand on the ramp area seems to have blown away.

It is a lot easier if you have that rocky slope where you are not ploughing through soft sand while dragging the buggies to the car park.

I really appreciate John's ropes and pulleys. He can be quite useful.


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