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Bush Fire prevented my Christmas lunch...



So was on my way up to Seville today via Wandin North to a friends house for the annual Christmas lunch only to have a rude grass fire prevent me from my roasted potatoes and roast lamb! Thought it was damn rude.

All jokes aside, it was a little too close to home - my friends home more precisely. It had seperated their family for the briefest of time, but nonetheless a scary experience for us all and all on high alert. Hoping that the fire plans they have in place are really effective. They raise a question - where do we go when we can't get out? So a quick message off to CFA headquarters to educate us.

Then came all the animal rescues in at the shelter for heat stressed Roos, possums, birds and lizards. 

What a crazy day with its ups and downs. Managed to get through this evening to Seville as the roads were all reopened and the fire contained. Got teary eyed when I drove past a house which had of been under threat and they had hung out a sign "Thk U CFA"

If that acknowledgment feels the same as the people who praise me for the work I do with animals, then I hope a lot of the crews fighting that fire saw it. 

**Request from Mezza**

Please spare a thought for the animals and birds in this heat. A shallow dish of water in the shade with a few sticks in it means the little fellas who are literally "dying for a drink" can get the relief they so desperately need in this weather. The sticks are so the babies - if they fall in, can get themselves out again. It's unfortunate when people put out a bucket of water, thinking that they've done the right thing, only to find a ringtail joey or the like has drowned over night as it couldn't climb out.

Please though, do not do this if you have an outside pet who can get to the water (in this heat, treat them to a day inside) 

Thanks for listening and keep safe in the heat my fellow Australians.

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We always leave a boogie board floating in our pool as an island for the pygmy possums and marsupial mice to climb aboard. Get the odd king skink as well.

We have lots of native birds as my wife is an avid bird watcher.

I'm an avid cat shooter. If they stray they fray.



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