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     One of my other past times is smoking and / or grilling.  Not unlike kiting I have 3 grills for different situations.  I have a smokey joe which is small and good for tailgating, a 22" weber which is the most common size, and a 26.5" weber which is uncommon and reserved for the serious charcoal grillers.  The 26.5" doesn't sound much bigger than the 22" right?  If you do the math, it actually has 45% more cooking area so it's a welcome addition to your grilling inventory if your looking to cook larger items or cook for a large group.

     One of the accessories I have for the 26.5" weber is an accessory called the Smokenator.  It's not available at any stores locally and has to be ordered where I'm from.  It consists of a stainless steel piece that retains the charcoal and wood chips and has a stainless steel container that you fill with water to keep the meat from drying out as it smokes.  It also has a rack so you can increase your cooking surface by roughly 30% I would guess.  They make it in 3 sizes for the 18", 22", 26.5" weber grills.  This accessory is actually not a necessary item for indirect heat or smoking as you can still move the coals to one side and get nearly the same effect but it does make it nicer and reduce the chances of charring the meat on the heat side.

     Pictured are racks of pork spare ribs with the rip tip portion cut off and smoked separately which basically turns the rack of ribs into what we call St Louis style ribs.




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On 12/22/2015 at 0:34 AM, .Joel said:

That looks tasty!  Seeing as you have a pit style bbq take a look at the BBQ Pit Boys on Youtube.

Thanks @.Joel I just watched 1 video on the bacon bustle sprouts.  Looks awesome.  Just what I needed to freshen up my menu.  It looks like he had the same grill as me but set in a wooden table top.

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Looks great.  I use two Weber Q's, the Family Q and Baby Q which are both gas bbqs.  

I've mastered pork belly on them, however wanted to do a slow briskett so here's one that I cooked over the space of about 6 to 7 hrs.  I use some hickory & apple woodchips in a foil pocket, and to keep moisture I use an apple cider to the side of it and just baste it once every hour.





@ssayre we should start up an XK food blog and collaborate on there :D 

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That looks great @.Joel. I've grilled a lot of different things but haven't done a brisket yet. I'll have to try that. Definitely need a food blog. 

@jhn.holgate thanks for reminding me about that scene. I had forgotten about that. Good one. 

I liked my old gas grill but haven't used one since the dog chewed the gas line in two about 10 years ago. 

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Looks awsome!  Last night.... Grilled Oysters, Calamari and Flathead.




Then today I came across this, and I think I need one of these smokin' BBQ helpers....


Mon barbecue de Samedi soir... <3

Posted by Avions de chasse on Sunday, September 4, 2016


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Wow, I need to step up my game and start grilling some seafood.

Also you mentioned doing pork belly.  I haven't done that but just watched a couple videos on it and looks like it would be very good.  Grilling and smoking is a lot of fun with the endless amount of recipes floating around on the internet and youtube.  

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