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Another weather blog



So on the 27th, I was tracking a storm in Dallas via the TVN Weather website. Via the website, they have live storm chasers, with live stream footage so for people like me, who can't suddenly jump on a plane to tornado alley in the US, can chase from the comfort of my home. The super cell formed at first, a rope tornado which over the space of a few minutes, grew in size to form what they call a "Stovepipe" tornado.

Here are a few screen captures of the morning (Boxing Day night in the US) as the funnel grew in size. Unfortunately the funnel then moved on to populated areas and took the lives of some people who could not find shelter in time, or in a lot of cases, the shelter failed them.



Then, my friends over at "Basehunters" produce, what I think is their best footage of a twister so far. Even though this particular storm caused sadness to so many people, its hard not to watch and think to yourself, just how beautiful mother nature. 




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