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is that a new kite



A couple or 3 weeks ago I came back to my place in Steiglitz after being away in Moorwell and had just finished emptying the car and started preparing some food for the ducklings,

when I became aware of one hell of a lot of nosie coming from the direction of the afore mentioned. So I went to investigate the reason for the racket, from a distance I first thought (wishfully) that I'd got a new kite, but on closer inspection this is what I found.


not a kite but a brown Goshawk, exactly where it shouldn't be, so I run of to get gloves, a sack and the camera. when I got back the hawk was trying to get dinner (duckling) but mum was keeping it at bay and drove the hawk away.


The hawk went in for the kill again and this time mummy duck jumped on it forcing the hawk on to it's back locking as if it was playing dead, at which point I garbed the hawk and ejected it back to the wild.


Final score hawk nil duck 11 (no casualtys)

ps I was there and I don't believe it


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This time still no kite but a bloody big wedge tail eagle trying to brake the wire with beak and talons, didn't try to to get the turkey, which was ignoring it from the other side of the roof, must have seen it all before.

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