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Surgery time again.



Another couple of years have gone past since last lot of spinal surgery and once again  I find myself waiting to go under the knife again for more work. Currently lying in a hotel room in Brisvegas trying to sleep on the eve of some major spinal work being done. Tomorrow the Neurosurgeon is going to cut a large slot in the back of my neck, cut away all the muscle from the back of my spine behind the neck and cut a couple of large wedges out to f the back of my spine and give my spinal canal a port and polish so I don't end up a quadriplegic. Hopefully tomorrow night if all goes well I will still have the use of my arms and legs. It's been an interesting and frustrating year with my fine motor skills slowly degrading and all manner of nerve pain throughout my body.  Hope to be back on the beach kitchen again within a few months. I have asked the Surgeon for a few holiday snaps of the procedure as this is how I'm spending a big chunk of my long service leave recovering from this one. 

Hope to report back in  on a successful operation in the next couple of days. 


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Glad to report that I have come through surgery OK and arms and legs still work. :isohappy: I am now sporting some more titanium hardware and a slot through to my spinal canal to reduce the pressure. They are going to try and get me on my feet tomorrow. 


PS on the good stuff tonight 

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