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Nothing to show yet



In my head the build has started, in reality nothing to show yet, after a recent house move I've put my stash of material (for this build) somewhere very very safe!  In the meantime I've tweaked my wing tip design, printed all the templates (in A3) and stuck them all together.  Done some web surfing and settled on a design to appliqué to the wing (or maybe both sides).  Only problem is the design will be in black, you can't see through the material to trace so it's a matter of cutting the design out and drawing round it on the material, but more of that later..... where the f@@@ is that material?

This is top of the list to run across the mid section of the wing:



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hi, im from argentina, i have a project to build a kite too, recently i shop 35 meters of ristop nylon fabric, i have the structure printed but not decided if make a inflatable kite or a single skins kite.

if you like send you the fabric to make me one? jaja

i make a npw like this:Born-kite-monster: , if you like view and coment my blog and videos.. happy new year..


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15 hours ago, andy666 said:

I am interested to see what you end up building. Is the single skin your own design or nasa star copy?

Hi Andy666, i use the soft surfplan to make a design and  other calulation the soft its easy. already make a nasa, it`s nice and fly very well, see this.. 


7 hours ago, Fernando said:

Hola @ricardo luca. Soy Chileno. hehe. Much gusto

Hola Fernando, como estas? yo hace poco me anote en este blog, mas que nada porque he visto algunos videos sobre las velas de traccion nasa, hice una y ahora mi idea para el tiempo libre es hacer un intento de vela inflable mas que nada para poder meterla al agua, he visto en varios perfiles que usan muchos los tipo foil doble capa con celdas mas que nada para kitebuggy, todavia no me decido sobre que hacer ya ire viendo.. encontre un programa que se llama surfplan que te hace todos los calculos y mas o menos vas viendo como quedaria terminado.


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