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The Pain Train

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Been off the Fentanyl Intravenous Delivery System for nearly 24 hours now and the pain at times has been excruciating. I was flat out lilting the medicine cup with my painkillers in it to my mouth before. I can see it's going to to be a very  long couple of months while all the muscles that have been stripped away from the back of my neck slowly rebuild.



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Best advice I got was not to wait until the pain is killing you to ask for the pain killers, but to keep on top of it and take them whenever they are offered. Remember that nothing last forever and the pain will pass and hopefully the surgery worked.

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Hang in there Goz.

From your post with the scar pic, in "Get Well mr 333" the surgeons did a very neat stitching job on your back.

once you are healed, you will be the star turn at parties with your shirt off.


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