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After a whirlwind of activity at the Hospital yesterday I was released back home into my own care yesterday afternoon. HUGE THANKS to Jason fro Briskites who came into to visit me just as news that I was being released came in just before 1pm yesterday. He was a champion and helped me pack my gear and transported me out to the airport just in time to make my flight. I can't thank him enough for going out of his way to do that for me, that is truly unbelievable customer service :D you won't see other kite stores giving that level of service. 

12:45 I was informed my flight was at 15:15 just as I was sitting down to lunch. Quickly ate lunch and packed gear into my bags and Jason went out to grab the 4WD. A quick dash across Brisbane to the airport with a bit of a display of the Mighty VW's agility at the green lights and we arrived with just enough time to spare to run through all the medical forms (8 pages) at the Qantas passenger Check in, a quick escort through security where I was given a swab test because I was all sweaty looking (yes terrorists must look similar to spinal patients just released from hospital, still even had the armband on). Still don't know how the detector didn't light up like a Christmas Tree with all the prescription drugs in my system from surgery and recovery :eek:. Then a quick dash out to the plane via golf cart and a little over an hour later wheels down in Rockhampton to be picked up by my mate at the airport.

It was awesome to get home and collapse into my own bed last night. I haven't slept much since Monday when the whole adventure started. By the time I unpacked had a shower and collapsed into bed last night I was having trouble seeing straight as I had blurred double vision from a mix of painkillers, lack of sleep and exhaustion.

My biggest problem this morning was waking up with a very full bladder and then discovering I couldn't move my head enough to look down and take aim at the bowl. :blush:


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