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Kingston 2016

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Big day on the claypan



We made an early-ish start on the claypan today to get there before the wind died off.  I measured the wind over several minutes at an average of 6 knots......but not for long!  Took the cheeseburger wrapper out and had a good run out and back before the wind died to 1.5 knots.  After standing around for 20 minutes with a few false starts I gave it up and sat down in the shade with Trevor, Shane, Doug & Mary.  After about 3/4 of an hour the wind turned onshore and started to rise so we all jumped in our respective blokarts and buggys.  The wind slowly rose over the afternoon to around 20knots with Chook, Rob, Nigel and Bull joining the party.  Another great day out!



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Looks like fun was had by all who were out on the Clay Pan today.

Hope the wind stays good for the duration of the meet for you guys.

PS. Rob your finger still stuck in the air for measuring wind speed? Somebody buy that man an anemometer ;) 

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Chook shot past me yesterday. I was happily pottering along at about 34kph in the Blofly, and he must have over taken me well above 60 - Stealth mode Vapor too! Not bad for a low wind day.

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