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Some good winds between Christmas and New Year here in SEQ. Decided to dust the cobwebs off the buggy and get the bearings turning. 

Running Sysmic 2 Buggy with Midi XL tyres.

Kite- Ozone Edge V8 with 24m lines.

Location - Skirmish Point Bribie Island (Beach)














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Nice Work Jason that should take some chasing down. :hatsoff:

Good to see you had the appropriate Safety Officer on board for the record, Tony has had enough spills in the buggy he should be able to tell you exactly what not to do to get ejected. :D

PS. And to think all those years you gave me shit about flying an Ozone Kite ;) 

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Thats right Goz someone has find out what you shouldn't do, no pain no gain! Many of you won't have been to our local speed strip so I'll try to set the picture its about a 1.5km walk from the car to the setup area, so we get there and all good only one lonesome fisherman no worries. We begin to set up and as we're almost done we notice about 15 people men women kids and a couple dogs approaching us they begin to setup to fish right at the crucial point, (this can't happen im thinking) you see not only is this beach narrow there's about 25 meters max of usable sand and thats only at low tide but we only have about 500 - 600 meters run up and maybe another 100 meters where full power can be applied and this is done while turning left right after having negotiated the kite over trees on the run in. So i leave jason to finish the rest and go and introduce myself and explain what we're about to attempt and that due to tides and wind today may well be the only chance this year and thus begin negotiations, we're in luck the dog walker's head back the way they came and it turns out the rest are a big family outing who decide that this sounds cool and its probably to windy for fishing so they're quite happy to get right out the way and sit and watch. We're on we've got about an hour of daylight left and not a great deal more before the tide will reclaim the beach so safety checks are performed, spiders are removed from the helmet and the buggy well most of them a couple test runs to check the gusts above the tree line and to loosen up the bearings that an hour ago, were lets say quite stiff. 3 runs were made 80ish 90ish Wooohooo 104kph yeah baby! 

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