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Kingston 2016

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More claypan goodness

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A couple of really good days on the claypan with quite a few turning out for the fun.  Chook rigged his pole dancer up and proceeded to hurtle past us and pull in front spraying us (well me, anyway) with gypsum or whatever the claypan is made out of.  You sure you haven't been talking to Mik333, Chook?  Joel gave his Phantom 3 quad a spin with very, very impressive results.  He's kindly given me the files so I can put some aerial footage into my vid. 

A quiet day today with just myself and Tiger37 out on the pan for a brief run during the only part of the day the wind blew.  Alexander had his birthday party on the foreshore in front of the caravan park this morning with some light wind stunt kite flying included.  There's only been very brief westerly winds this year making the beach pretty much a non starter.  Thank goodness for the claypan which has really saved our bacon. (And half cooked it on occasion). 

Looks like good wind for the claypan tomorrow but also a little bit of rain likely with Thursday looking very light at this stage. 

If you're wondering why I'm signing in as Bill it's because I can't add a blog entry as 'admin' - it's set for 'members'.  Outsmarted myself yet again!

The poultry assassin.....



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You captured the atmosphere very well, Bill. 

You forgot that I turned over a new leaf regarding sand spraying.....

Joel looks like a doting father..nice shot.


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