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Kingston 2016

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Kingston cooks up a storm....literally!



An amazing storm came through early this morning with some fantastic lightning on display. Before heading to bed, we watched it out to sea, hit Rob's home town, before it gracefully made tracks to the quiet town on Kingston where it didn't disappoint. 

We unzipped the front end of the trailer tent, whilst dodging the rain drops, enjoyed Mother Natures light display. I hear John, tinkering around, so he's also up watching too. This was not to be missed. She did a good job with the pyrotechnics! Went on for about two hours! 

Last rain falls heavily around 7:30am to leave in its wake, a beautiful blue sky to dry out everything. 

Trailer held up, only pooling in the one corner, and a couple of drops inside but all up, dry. 

Just have to wait for the pan to dry now. (Plenty of time to fix my blow out on the blow-fly) 


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I was listening to the thunder getting louder thinking "will I get out of bed and have a look or won't I?"  In the end I grabbed the tripod and wandered over to the foreshore at 3am.  I managed one lightning shot but then the rain started and I hurried back to the car. 


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