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Kingston 2016

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So John left yesterday, so I thought I'd keep up the blog writing for you all. 

A busy day out on the clay pan with approximately 11 blokarts, several with the "Shadow" side carts and the custom land yachts zipping in between the branded sails. Dougie, Chook, Rob, Jay and Darryl have the buggies out and will soon have to do some dodging as I see the witches hats being set up for a sailing course. Plenty of space for everyone to share though, but a lot of tacking for the kites to get out. Out-numbered at the moment.
Dougie puts up the PL Viper 5.3 to start and gets some good wind to whistle his lines. Mike" turns up with his buggy on the back of his X-Trail so have a sneaky peek on how he's rigged it up - a bike rack which holds the buggy perfectly. The winds at lunch time start to pick up with gusts of about 19 to 20 knots. Chook's chooses to have a sail first. Jay has his "Buster" 3, getting a PB of 38kph but came in with a rattling buggy. Rob is setting up his 7 meter (crazy man!) and Mike, a 3.5 Quad Foil X-M, Darryl a little larger with a Quad Foil X-M 3.8.
Doug comes in "its gusty as frack out there and calls it the "Oh shit" run. Jay's Buster wants to fly - without its pilot and detaches itself from the peg it doesn't get far. The wind has picked up even more with the blokarts staying down the other end for the mean time. "Ben" is out on his land board with a windsail powering it. Not as fast as the blokarts, but doing pretty well in the gusts. A few 3 meter sails up now, and two wheels. One of the windiest days so far at Kingston. Saw some 2m sails during the day.
By 2pm we had we were joined by Joel, Mel (and her parents) Neil and Nigel also came along. Jay tried Dougie's buggy with the 2m Bruiser - we get worried when 20 mins go by and he's a no show - the kite was pulled from his hands and had a tangled mess in the lines. Just as we send out a rescue team (Lachlan - from the land yacht team has a quad bike) he shows up the other side out of the haze. 
Mike gave the land board a go and Neil puts up a 4.5m Vapor and feels it's power. 
By now we've attracted quite a few spectators from the road. 
As I speak 'wows' are heard from the group at Joel's territory and I look over to see a blokart on its side, a gust hits his sail and he's over. Neil finds the Vapor a bit big and comes in to change and puts up his 2.5m Raptor. Red - makes it fly faster! Mike puts up a 2m Blade Flexifoil and goes out for a bug run. Rob - comes in for a rest, he's stayed out on the 7m since this morning. That man is bloody talented! 
Joel's setting up for a buggy run come 2:40 and the pan is looking rather quiet at the moment however the buggys outnumber the land yachts at he moment with Nigel, Mike and Neil all out. More spectators arrive from off the highway so everyone is out and about showing off to the crowds. A good day to draw in the crowds with the fishing competition going on in town. 

There are many changes in kites and I can't keep up so please feel free to comment below with what you flew today. 








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