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My Latest Mystery Box!



There's been some amazing prices on second hand gear in Australia, and indeed globally the past year.  Last August I managed to pickup a pristine condition Peter Lynn nGen here in Australia that had been flown less than 6 times since its original purchase.  So this has continued to me nearly finishing my complete set of Flexifoil Blade MK1's, and the Flexifoil Blade 4.9 in every edition from MK1 to MK5 :wub: 

So continuing this nostalgic trend, a few weeks back a Blade MK1 7.2M appeared on a local classifieds site, as part of a collection of old kites.  Sensing that the individual selling the gear didn't want to separate as they were cheap already I sent a message saying I would take the lot, despite only really wanting the Flexfoil Blade MK1.  I paid for the kites, he dropped them off to @Jason at BrisKites for me who bundled them up and shipped them to me here in Melbourne, Australia.  What can I say, he's a nice bloke that runs that kite shop despite the shit I give him on the forum :itwasme:

So the mystery box of kites arrived, and here's what was in it... if you have any idea what years each kite was released feel free to throw that in the comment below :victory:

Flexifoil Blade MK1, the kite I originally was chasing from the collection.


Peter Lynn Waterfoil 3.6M


Peter Lynn Arc 1120


Peter Lynn Guerilla II 15M Arc

The next time @nigel and I get out for a photo day I'll take some photos of them all flying :good: 


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Thanks to @igeighty I ordered some aluminium tent poles, these will make great 3 part spars for the Arcs.




Now I can either tape them together, or if I can source some of these end pieces break them down completely and keep the elastic in there making for easy transport.


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Wow what a great find! I love the PL Waterfoils ever since Jon gave me his old purple beast! After modifying the bridles completely to be a mixer type, it flies really well, with depower! Shame it wasn't the 5.9m version otherwise I would make you an offer for it.

Now that Guerilla and the Arc1120, nice finds!!!

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Hey Joel,


Looks like a great stash. It is great when you find good quality equipment that is still pristine. I managed to pick up a Guerilla II 1500 just last week and it looks like it has been flown once. Plenty of life remaining and still a very forgiving kite to fly.

And the condition of your quiver appears A1.

I still use Guerilla's, Venom's and Bomba's as my primacy surf-kites and love them. They can also be great fun for a bit of boosting when mountainboarding or snowkiting, though just a bit of a pain when you want a break, as I have found unless the wind is low, you really need to release the safety.

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On 13 September 2016 at 0:21 PM, DrWind said:

I managed to pick up a Guerilla II 1500 just last week and it looks like it has been flown once. Plenty of life remaining and still a very forgiving kite to fly.

It's amazing how many kites people have bought, and they've sat there pristine for years just on a shelf until one day they clean the shed out and rediscover them.  


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