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A while ago my shifts changed at work and i was dreading it.

12hr days and nights what a drag.

but then i realised the benefits !

working a 24/7 shift pattern meant days off during the week so i could spend time with my better half ,but then getting

every other weekend off which was when my other half was working

VOILA ,12 hrs kiting

But then it got better ,my wife changed jobs and was working only a short distance from home.

Why dont you drop me at work and then you can use the car she says.

i dont want to mess you around i say

its up to you she says


so now i could go further afield to play

Then i got to thinking , 12hrs every 2 weeks , could i justify a buggy ?


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In the scheme of things, it's a lot of fun for not a lot of investment - and I'm thinking of comparing it to things like motorbikes, jetskis, even a golf membership - that type of thing.  No running costs other than a set of bearings every few years.  The Peter Lynn and Flexifoil bugs can easily be taken apart and popped in the back of even a small car.  What else can you do for a day of fun that really only costs you the petrol of getting there?   Don't be disheartened if it doesn't 'click' straight away. It certainly took me a few hours for things to start to fall into place even after countless hours of static flying.  It's all about line tension. If you've got a bit of wind and some power, head just a little upwind from 90 degrees and make up any lost ground.  If the wind starts to die and you're about to come to a complete stop, turn a little downwind so you're pointing in the right direction when the wind comes back up - I used to often come to a complete stop with the buggy either at 90 degrees to the wind or facing a little upwind, then madly waving the kite around to get going again with little success.  Don't chase the kite.  If you feel the lines start to slacken, turn a bit more upwind to keep line tension.

Feeling justified yet?!

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I'm in the lucky situation where my wife now works full time and I am part time, every Wednesday off, gives me more opportunity to go play!

And work pays for the hobbies!

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Totally agree John , and as the blog goes on you will realise that the blog is as much for me to log my progress /or not as the case maybe

as it is for other people to read.

first time i have ever blogged or took the time to log anything down , its surprising how many things you forget as time marches on.

thanks for the comments.

GM :your vids as well as johns and others are an inspiration,i dont expect to get to your level but for me as yourself i am sure it is all about the enjoyment.

Being the best or fastest is not important,learning something new is a bonus.

total respect gents


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