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the hunt begins



As you may of realised by reading this blog i dont like/or have buckets of money to spend.

so off to ebay for a buggy search.

needed something small that would be easy to transport/breakdown/buildup , but i also needed something that would support a guy who is partial to the odd pie !!

peter lynn or flexifoil seemed to be the buggy of choice,small light and good for small spaces.

no point in having a cruising buggy when you aint got no were to cruise.

checked out the forums and put a few wanted posts on,such as cheap ,light weight buggy wanted.

And as sure as god made little green apples ,i had numerous replies offering everything from v max , upto some of popye the welders fantastic machines

all telling me how good i would look and feel after i had parted with £500 plus.

i even got into some heated online discussions about what i needed and wanted.

A couple of guys came back with positive sensible advice and they were not trying to sell me anything either.

one guy had and still has a peter lynn xr i believe and said as long as you take it for what it is it will do fine, i think he still has the xr for when he is to old to still go on the water.

the other guy assured me that a flexi or pl would be fine for my frame as he had a flexi and at 6ft 5 who am i to argue with him.

After much searching a pl  buggy came up on ebay only 20 miles away from me.

it was battered,the seat was torn and the axle was bent but for £34 it was mine.

It was probably worth more for scrap value.



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this blogg is all retro spective , this bug was bought maybe a year ago,i am trying to find original pics for it

i have some after i had done a bit of modding 

will post some pics soon

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