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scrap !! no way



IMG]When i got the new shiny pl bug home and had chance to give it a look over , i realised it had issues !!

the seat was a mess , the axle was bent , i guess from the bug being jumped and the front wheel was a barrow and by that i mean off a wheelbarrow , no bearings just

a spacer running on an axle bolt.

But not one to be beaten i gave it a once over and decided to give it a go


IMG]Thats my Dad in the bug


The dog didnt come with the buggy either.

i will try and find some better pics.

The buggy did exactly what it says on the tin.

it got me rolling , not very comfortably admittedly but rolling none the less.

it was a little cramped and the seat was abismall

but it was mine


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The first time I put midi's on the Vmax, I sourced some $18 wheel barrow tyres and rims from the local market.  They had cheapo 1" bearings but I found if I used a small piece of plastic electrical conduit, and split it then pushed it over the 20mm bolt, voila! it fit snugly into the 1" bearings.  Probably did over 1000km on them before I put some proper alloy rims on but they worked a treat.  If it rolls, it's good. :good:

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Straightening the rear axles is relatively easy if you have a good vice (Not one of those crappy swivel jobs, that I'm still yet to find one that works as designed) and it's bolted to something solid.

It's just time consuming to get it correct.

I split lengthwise a 200mm bit of tube/pipe that will slide over the axle. I use a grinder with a cutoff disc.

I wrap the axle in tape (if your fussy).


Using the sleeve that you just cut, the axle can now be fitted into the vice and clamped tight and then pull/push it back straight.

The sleeve will stop the vice crushing the axle and marking it with the knurl marks off the vice jaws.

The axles are surprisingly soft.      It is an alloy windsurfer boom I'm straightening here in the pic.

See how I have the red tube hanging out of the vice (curved end) to allow a bit of flex so it doesn't kink the axle/boom.




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