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lets see if we can improve this

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The buggy seemed so much easier to get used to than a board.

only had to concentrate on kite and steering not the dreaded balance as well.

it all came together fairly quickly and i was loving it .

making the most of my limited flying time with the bug and static flying the rest of the time.

the more i used the bug the more i realised how cramped i was and how bad the seat was.

i wonder if i could get hold of an extension for the downtube ?

Back to the forums ,yes they were available but rare and various reviews.

I wonder if i can have one made ? Enter stainless Dave a guy who does stainless magic were i work.

no problem says he, 2 days later my downtube has an extra 100mm on it.

this made all the difference to my cramped legs but really messed up the tow point on the bug (at this point i had no idea what this meant )

but basically it was a lot more difficult to get moving and because of the terrible seat it was not easy to move my weight around in the bug to help.

lots more hours in the buggy lots more smiles.


this might help

then out of the blue ,a fellow kiter who i now class as a friend also, said i have an old buggybags seat in my garage ,its off an old buggy but should do the job

he got a new one with his PL hybrid 

the deal was done



the buggy was now in my opinion the muts nuts

to some it may still apear to be scrap but it taughtme a lot and got me further into this sport

the story continues  .......

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I too had a little PL Comp buggy to start with, still got it.

They are a great learning tool.

Not the best to ride, but quite fine for most things.

To improve the seating you can extend the side rails.

Add some extra length between the side rails and the axle.

This will "lift up" the side rails, and allow you to lower the seat, so you sit more in, than on top of the buggy. So you can take more side load.

It will also move the tow point (you) forward in relation to the rear axle.

And get a wide axle as well. But keep the smaller axle, so you can swap around as you need.

In a perfect buggy, you want all three wheels to break traction at the same time, if you get hit with a gust.

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