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Gallary photos scrolling wrong


When paging in a members photo gallery, when one scroles down to a position other than the top of the gallery, in a second or two without the user doing anything, the system scroles back to the top (without the user requesting a scrole to the top). This seen on an ipad. If the sort option is such that there are two columns of pictures, the bug is present; else if there is one column of pictures to the left and one column of descriptions of each picture to the right, the bug is not present.



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Doesn't happen on my iPad here, what you're describing could be due to your internet connection speed if you scroll before the page has completely loaded all images.  Typically you scroll to a point, then as those images load they extend the length of the page which puts you back further up the page as your end point has just increased.

I can't recreate the issue you're having, i'm closing this unless someone else can recreate it then i'll move it back to Pending.

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Bug is still there Joel. There were only a handfull of pictures there which poped up on the screen instantly, so no issue with slow internet. I scroll to the to bottom and the system then pushes it back up to the top.

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