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  3. drohnuts

    the only downside is that they are not three wheel tracks we went to shallow inlet and flew the cameras around. The stingray holes are pretty noticeable too/
  4. drohnuts

    Mmm. Impressive photography. Could be a variation of crop circles. I imagine a beach would make a nice landing surface for an alien spacecraft!
  5. Harden 2018

    Sad that I missed you. I was there in the morning and left around lunch time. If you follow the event on Facebook, there seems to be a lot of feedback regarding traffic. I think the organizers were overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who showed up to this event. It was certainly the largest (people-wise) that I have been to. I decided not to fly any kites on the day as I am currently carrying a shoulder injury (due to doing a youngster's sport in an oldster's body) Cheers BobM
  6. Wildwood Buggy Bash

    Nice to see that the blokart has tagged along. Got to chase something!
  7. Garmin etrex 10

    Does it come with your PB still in its memory?
  8. Dean Kite Festival

    Oh, that's no good. I hope you are feeling much better now. I hope you can get out and fly a kite soon! Look after yourself Richard xx
  9. Harden 2018

    @Tiger37 - The colours in your photos are stunning! It was lovely to see you again and to meet Pauline and Winston. I hope that they come on more visits. The last photo of my train is lovely! Its a Robert Brassington "Star of Lois" Train. Each kite stands taller than my mere 5"1.
  10. Garmin etrex 10

    Garmin etrex 10 GPS. $100 + post.
  11. Dean Kite Festival

    Gday Richard. hope you are doing well, and good to hear from you. hope to catch up if you are out and about ? find a park somewhere and ill meet you there.
  12. Wildwood Buggy Bash

    I haven’t been there since 1995 for the AKA annual event
  13. Dean Kite Festival

    Sorry I missed it but I was other wise engaged with a stroke. All good now or just about
  14. WTS Libre Super Truck II

    Yeah mate Update: all major parts are there.just missing around 7bolts 3 bolts needed for the back axle 4 bolts needed for the goose neck
  15. Naish Foil Board

    Yoga lunges, toldja Looking forward to getting back to the beach myself!
  16. Wildwood Buggy Bash

  17. Last week
  18. Next Challenge....

    Next EK international event? Yea just keep on dreaming...... almost looks like a salt lake until you see the puffer jackets.
  19. Naish Foil Board

    Yea haa warmer whether, onshore winds, time to foilboard again and clock up hours to become proficient at foilboarding. Getting better at the knack of getting past the breakers at the surf and knowing when to give it away when the surf is too big. Finally cracked the method to get on the board better. Even though I may stretch out my legs fully to seat my feet into the straps before launching, I found that pulling up my knees to my chest so my body centre of mass is as close to the board as possible before trying to get up on the board helps a lot. Otherwise there is just way too much drag from my upper body and legs in the water and too much of a moment arm for the kite to pull me over and up onto the board. The other major help was to aim to jump into the FRONTof the board with my centre of mass at the bulls eye, see below. With the large rounded nose of this board, there is enough planning area there to make it work. The board should also be flat in the fore aft direction. Use your abs to help lift up your body onto the board, aim to dive/pull the kite just down wind off the nose of the board. Next thing that really helped when up on the board is, don’t try to control the board angle of attack with front foot pressure, all that does is push your body centre of mass further aft, rather shift your body centre of mass forward if lift is too much. It is all about controlling the height of the board, which is done by controlling the angle of attack of the wing, which is done by shifting your body centre of mass forward or aft. It can be shown through wing lift analysis, that there is a stable and an unstable mass position of your body. If your mass is forward of the critical position, given every thing else is constant, a slight change in board angle for nose down will result in the hydrofoil wings creating a moment to lift the nose back up — stable. If your mass position is aft of this critical point, the opposite is true, a slight nose down angle change will result in the wing moments enforcing this motion — unstable. Kite up too high and I typically get too much lift, resulting in the hydrofoil shooting out of the water, so have to ride with the kite much lower than I can get away with my surfboard. Kite launching power, less seems better and more stable, compard to what I do on a surfboard or twin tip. So what ever you learnt on a surfboard or twin tip, hoyk that in the bin and relearn. Sure generic kiting and board balance skills are transferable, but every thing else is so different, but hey that is all part of the fun. The fun and challenge continues.
  20. Wildwood Buggy Bash

    Yeah baby yeah
  21. Wildwood Buggy Bash

    3 GT and a PTW Buggy. There is a 4th GT here also.
  22. Wildwood Buggy Bash

  23. Wildwood Buggy Bash

    Oct.8-14th was the Wildwood buggy bash held in Wildwood NJ, Usa. What started as a weekend get together has evolved into a week long gathering of buggy, boarding, and blokart family. This year, those who arrived early were treated to some amazing onshore winds courtesy of Hurricane Michael. Wildwood beach is approximately 7 miles of amazing hardpack facing the Atlantic ocean. This year we had 4 GT buggies, a PTW and 2 MG Supras as well as the assortment of PL and Flexifoil buggies. Having upgraded my gear this year allowed me to set several PB's. I buggied more this bash than all my previous ones combined.
  24. Harden 2018

    Great day and lovely to see old friends from the Extreme Kites community. Not much wind but had a short session in the buggy. Such a shame that traffic control when we left was non existent and it took an hour and a half to get out!!
  25. WTS Libre Super Truck II

    Any photos?
  26. 2019 NAISH Foiling

    Didn't like the kite foil, the board or the SUP foil. But I didn't play with the shim...
  27. WTS Libre Super Truck II

    Ok helloguys Been a long time Wanting to sell Libra super Truck Buggy just sitting in garage doing nothing I do know wheels still good but seized berating And asking for $800 I am located in Darwin My new phone number is 0405136610 Any one currently kitebuggy in darwin
  28. Harden 2018

    Was good to catch up with the three of you. I'll see you in Yeppoon :-)
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