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  2. Only a can of worms to the uninformed
  3. The old stretch vs shrink can of worms
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  5. Yeah It's the rear's shrinking, not the fronts stretching. Same with the bridle. FS had an article up about it for a while, and guys on Seabreeze have measured their lines -- always shrink. Kinda makes sense, when they're sold pre-stretched anyway
  6. I did mean stretch, did surprise me and double checked. Longer front lines means increased angle of attack which meant more power which could not be turned off because the trim adjuster was set as short as possible. From memory one pair was about 12cm longer than the other. Oh hang on, perhaps the rear lines shrunk and fhe front lines did not alter in length. Hm, ok relatively speaking the front lines were longer
  7. Flying Objects - Flight Control Harness

    sorry mate - has been sold
  8. Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    Sure is, tides for Sandy Point look amazing so we're planning on going down and just doing a day trip to Rosebud on the Sunday.
  9. Flying Objects - Flight Control Harness

    Hi, is your harness still available?
  10. You mean, shrink, not stretch, of course
  11. Summer 2017/18 Sandy Point Sessions

    When will be the March catch up? Labour Day falls over the Rosebud Festival doesn’t it?
  12. Last week
  13. Igeighty

    This is a album all about me, all the things i do and all that i see.
  14. Rosebud Kite Festival 2018

    The tribe will be there!!
  15. I must hand it to em, that promotional video is entertaining, now not let the thruth get in the road of a good story . Line stretch is a reality, my FS Speed and Psycho both had them for many years, the front lines gradually stretched so much ... equate frog in slowly boiling water ... that depower almost dissapeared, so were running the kites on full power. Now adjusted the line length, depower restored. Good to here more manufacturers developing foil kites, funny foil kite riders have known this for years ... stir’n the pot
  16. Peter Lynn F-Arc 12 or 16 New $120

    ... and assured me it flys and is bloody fast ... You bet ... faster than I will trust myself. She's very stable but beware of gusts ... it lofted me a few times during speedruns. Luckily I know jumping from kite surfing, so soft landings were no problem. 20 feet of the ground at 70 kph makes the world look somewhat different .
  17. Peter Lynn F-Arc 12 or 16 New $120

    Wow, what an amazing collection 🀀 i have collected a few arcs (and made a few), but nothing like that. i have one of the hi-arcs too, which I haven’t flown yet. It came from @outlaw at peter Lynn in New Zealand and he has done some tuning to it and assured me it flys and is bloody fast. Bloody good to have someone so experienced with arcs on the forum
  18. Ahhh.... now that makes sense!!!! I think the inner core strands run parallel and are not woven, then a heavily woven cover , but @.Joel would be the man to talk too. I reckon your right Kami as the ends are only stitched with thin sheaving.
  19. So the Phantom isn't for racing then? It's when they don't get used so heavily or so often that they shrink. I've heard you can't splice the Q-Power and have to knot it -- is that the case?
  20. Haven't had to retune or replace my bridals on any of my high use R1's yet due to use. Yes the bridals have now shrunk slightly, but the speed system still balances. I have replaced 3 damaged bridals that the seaweed in Beachport South Australia scuffed/fluffed up (it was like little crabs claws and cut a few strands of the braid). My R1's have had a hard time buggying and always hot wired for extra strain on them. Worn out 3 sets of Ozone lines though and now running "QPowerline Pro" and cant fault it. Have over 7,600kms on my first set of Pro's and other than colour loss it still looks like new.
  21. Yeppoon 2018

    I like the fold away extension drawbar idea in the pic for launching boats, but not the lizard onboard Gozzy!!!
  22. Yeppoon 2018

    They thinned out the crocs this year for you guys I less 5.26m Croc in the Fitzroy
  23. Yeah, I laughed when I heard that. Look how well ozone did without adjustable mixer
  24. They def look the goods but I'd say being a constant viewer of these videos she was a low budget review and more than likely not done by slingshot
  25. Expression of intrest

    Have also got a flexifoil buggy on midis and a old school Peter Lynn ( super light weight seat belt webbing style on barrows I'm not 100 % sure but think it's a 42 size wise
  26. Expression of intrest

    Sad to see this @Grants.
  27. Expression of intrest

    All the very best with new endeavours mate. for anyone considering, this buggy is in mint condition. I came to a point where I was going to sell up and move on, that was in 97, I gave everything away in the end. Then looking through old photos and remembering the endless grin, I started collecting all over again. I do read this with a bit of shock, but you do whats best for you big fella. I sincerely wish you all the best. if I could I would pick it up and store it at my house until you got the big again. regards. Doug.
  28. Peter Lynn F-Arc 12 or 16 New $120

    Well .... here's a little introduction to my kite 'career'. It started back in 1990 (bless me) when I bought a Peel 2.5 and lines. I fabricated a harness my self of car safety belt and started an addiction, which I still crave every day. Heavy wind days left the beach full of skit marks and sour legs, which brought me the idea to experiment with skies on the sand. At first I just shortened alpine skies, but found out pretty quickly the normal size skies work the part as well. On one of my excursions (downwinder) I saw the first buggier, so another habit grew pretty quick as well. A few days later I met a physically disabled guy, strapped to a knee board, who was skimming the surf ... you'll guess by now .... That was what I had to try-out for my self. This first watersesh was in the days the Leganioux brothers were experimenting with bladders and kites. The second sesh was years later on a C-Quad 6.3 in 6 Bft. winds on a regular windsurf board. It was no succes, but the water seed was also.... Then Peter Lynn introduced the standard Arc range, which left me high as a kite and broke in one sweep. But I kept buying and collecting kites for special purposes, so in came the F's, Bomba, Phantoms. I even ended up with a set of Flexifoil Blades (Mk. II) and was happy and satisfied for a decade. Then ... the news arrived me, Vliegerop (kite wholesaler for Europe) had to close shop and that left me with another dent in my budget. I think my kite quiver holds about 30 PL twin skins and several single skins and I even bought a 'pumpy' for the really stormy days. The inflato (Fuel 9) came in as I found out that even a 1.6 'trainer Arc' was to much for a 100 kg pilot, but I use it rarely. I still prefer the hassle, pull and lift of a F. To enlighten all of you who own a Hi-Arc which doesn't fly, the final product from China has a production error which can be corrected. Only simple machine sowing skills are needed, the back part of the cell-walls where turned upside-down in manufactering. Open up the trailing edge, loosen all back parts of each cell wall en re-sow flipped upside down. The production models all have a trailing edge bowing down, but the have to be bowing up (the PL Peel edge stabilizer if you like). I went through the hassle of correcting the kite and have a ultra fast and stable kite. The kite has shown me I have smaller cohones than I thought, I never dared to take it to the max (100 kph is enough for me and the 'gas' had some power left, phew). I hope you all like reading the older stories and hope I inspire a Hi-Arc owner to (re)vive the kite to its design splenders! It's really worth it. PM me if you have any difficulties with it, I'll try to help you out. Cheers, Aart @Nigel Those kites are in my holy quiver as well, but they seemed somewhat tuned down or eased up. I got used to the F's and like the direct respons and instant pull versus the ease of use and auto-zenith of the later ones. When totally used to the bridled twin skinners, they are just as nice I guess, but I never took the effort ... F's are always pulling my attention.
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