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  2. Landsegler Beach Discwheels

    One day 🙄🙄
  3. Big kites for sale

    Yes looks like sadly I’m shit out of luck. still no reply
  4. Landsegler Beach Discwheels

    @Jase Shepperd these are the wheels you have been waiting for Edit, sorry GLX I mis read the post think you where saying they are still available, best wheels ever!
  5. Axis aluminum foil

    Still no video but I've a new setup now SUP foil with the kite foil board. No ride yet but if it's as good as the demo it'll be epic!
  6. Couple of new builds 2018

    The Feeling Gray set is coming along.. Sail #1 is a straight fade based on my diamonds technique. the other two sails resulted from starting two offsetting designs and mixing the halves with every other basting run.. It resulted in a pair of sails with a much less distinct transition pattern but an overall look that mimics its mate.. Basting is done.. Centers and sewing remain..
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  8. Duotone / TRUE Kiteboarding 2019 Gear

    That was the spin I was referring to. It's a result of what seems to be rather petty licensing squabbles and penny pinching on behalf of the investment group that owns the corporate identities. It's not just a name change, eh.
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  10. Landsegler Beach Discwheels

    I know this is a very old post, but are the landsegler wheels still for sale
  11. Duotone / TRUE Kiteboarding 2019 Gear

    Haha, the only thing that is changing is the name. They have said in an interview I saw on Facebook that they own all the names and designs of all current north kites so for the customer nothing will change except the name. shit name though.
  12. Duotone / TRUE Kiteboarding 2019 Gear

    Amazing to watch them try to spin this eh
  13. Duotone / TRUE Kiteboarding 2019 Gear

    Amazing to watch them try to spin this eh
  14. Enjoy flying a North Rebel? It may very well become a Duotone Rebel or TRUE Rebel for 2019 North Kiteboarding is now Duotone Sports ( https://www.duotonesports.com ). Dealers around the world are currently having their meetings, with the new product range being introduced to them. Watch this space
  15. Big kites for sale

    Almost sounds too good to be true, Doug. Michael
  16. Big kites for sale

    @Emily Morris, Do you still wish to sell this kite ? as I said before I am for you to get in contact and arrange details. I have sent you a private message that will be able to read, however you may need 5 posts here in this forum to reply ? if so, please reply here. even if it to let us know that it is sold
  17. Born-Kite StreetStar

    i am surprised an ergo bar with more angle is more efficient i will use the pansh too on my sup
  18. Hi buddy not sure if this will alarm you but you have a freakin tail monkey boy
  19. Multi-Rotor Thread

    Budgie the little Spark has a 2 axis Gimbal so smoothing those spins will take a bit of practice, however for a drone of suck size, it really did well in the windy conditions down there. it was the first 'Real' outdoor fly for both drones. We tested the wind resistance, the range and the return to home features, Everything was amazing. Mezz did some 'active track' with the little spark where you can get the drone to follow you based on shape recognition and it works really really well. These little drone are amazing considering the low price. The view from above shallow inlet gave a whole new perspective of such an amazing place. I flew the mavic out from the sand bar right out over yanakie, some 3.5 k away twice on one battery. very stoked about the range. This is Budgie the little helicopter, And This is his new big brother Lionel, the Mavic Pro Platinum.
  20. My new hardware from last years ‘ flight off the buggy’ episode.

    Ouch, how did you manage to get back to your car and to hospital? All the best for you to mend up. By the way, what lead to the OBE?
  21. Multi-Rotor Thread

    Not bad Mezz, no crashes and a safe landing is a good day. More practice on smooth rations and avoiding pointing into the sun. So when will the flips be done? Na just kiding. Nice weather for the filming. The surf looks absolute magic, brings back happy memories.
  22. Born-Kite RaceStar

    LEI’s wash your mouth out with soap, the single skin borne kite ofcourse
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  24. Big kites for sale

    The black bag looks like it contains a Maestrale from HQ kites. These were produced in the late 1990s http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y143/uktotty/kites/DSC02237.jpg They are large by modern standards, designed for precision, (not tricks) best in light winds. They don't come up for sale very often these days, and even then don't usually fetch particularly high price - say, $150 -ish. The MEFM is a sought after kite. If @ieighty hadn't put his hand up for it, I would have jumped on it. As for the pink bag, what does the label say?
  25. The curve of your tail bone in that last photo is incredible @Jase Shepperd
  26. Big kites for sale

    Hi Emily, Welcome to the forum! My husband @igeighty (above) is SO passionate about the MEFM's (Most Excellent Flying Machine) so if not already sold elsewhere, please can you provide us with the cost to purchase? And its his birthday in July, so would make a wonderful gift. In regards to the other kites, like you have with the MEFM, spread out the kite for a photo and we will do our best to try and identify them for you. But certainly, any MEFM's in your collection, we would love to take them off your hands as they will certainly be flow.
  27. Born-Kite RaceStar

    LEIs? We don't need no stinkin LEIs! Could be a whole other story of course if you drop a tip in the water. Doh!
  28. Born-Kite RaceStar

    Stephan pushing the limits again ,
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