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  2. Northern Kites Australia

    Ozone Riot 9m

    Damn! Can't help myself. I know it's not closed cell, but is this a depower kite?
  3. alison melia

    Fexifoil Blur 2.5m

    Hi twojaythommo. Is the blur still available?
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  6. Located in Gawler South Aust. $200 - Regrettably the buggy has hung on the wall now for 6 years and the Chief of Finance, Home & Affairs has given me its marching orders. Would prefer to do a sale in SA (as arranging postage will be difficult as we both work full time and don't get home inside normal business hours). Other than very dusty (as I rushed to get pics up, I will give it a good clean up) its in good working condition, frame is rust free, its only been exposed to sun and wind (as its under the house eves). I can be PM'd through messenger https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/coreyjay.frazer Only listed on here at this stage. Thanks
  7. ssayre

    New no wind toys.

    I am certain I would like that.
  8. Cheezycheese

    Sweet session at Atlantic Beach NY

    Yes, summer riding is usually off limits. We can access the beach from Sept-Apr.
  9. ssayre

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    Thanks Steve, I'll see if I can dig that one out of the archives and repost. That is still my favorite all around kite. It's just so versatile.
  10. Coogee

    Prism E3 - Lower Spreader ARGHHHHH

    Is its a Sky Shark frame? If so it will be easy to get spares. Kevin at Kaos Kites can help u out Mike
  11. andy666

    Sweet session at Atlantic Beach NY

    @Cheezycheese nice buggy and a very nice beach. I’m guessing though that it gets a bit busy in summer, being in New York?
  12. andy666

    Reedin Kites

    Hopefully the kites will be as impressive as the man himself. i wonder what the range will be like and if they will go with direct online sales (as more companies are doing now) or through retailers? 🤷‍♂️
  13. Pari

    I've Ordered a GONG Unik Kite

    The Gong UNIK 6.8m Kite arrived after 2 weeks. I put it up in about 10- 12kn for a test flight and it was easy to launch and keep it in the air- it's very light being a single strut kite made for foiling mainly. It looks well made with triple ripstop, good sized bumpers and Dacron TE. One thing which is annoying is the inflation tube to the strut is way to long and kinks so that it prevents the strut from inflating and I had to fiddle around with it to get the air to flow. Also notice a odd twist in the center strut- I couldn't notice in flight so maybe the canopy needs to be under tension for it to straighten out. Flying it in 12kn was great, really positive and reactive flying, no back stalling and very easy to place the kite where I wanted and keep it there. It did flutter quite a bit through turns when depowered- I don't have any experience with single strut kites before this one so I don't know if this is common thing with them or not Other than those few points, I'm really happy with my, under $900, purchase and think it will make a great trainer kite for lessons, easy to control and not prone to falling back into the power zone like some kites, which was the case with my 2013 Best Kahoona. I haven't flown it in the water, am going to need a a high wind day to get a 6.8m kite up and out in the ocean. The bag is great, I really like the sand vent in the bottom, the useful pocket, straps and bungees on the sides and especially the PLASTIC zip. Who'd a thought- what a novel idea to put a zip that's not going to corrode on a bag that is by the ocean a lot. How many times have I wished the big brand kites that I've had in the past would've done the same. Genius. The bridle is pretty standard- Ronstan pulleys, one on each side. There is a couple of adjustment places for customizing the flight and bar pressure characteristics, one by moving where the bridle attaches to the leading edge via three knot settings and one on the wing tips like most kites, by moving the steering lines to one of three loops. I'll probably not mess around with these and just leave it on the default settings as it seems to feel and fly just right there. I used my standard Naish bar with 24m lines for it and it seemed perfect, even colour matched the lines of the bar-lucky. I'll add a bit more to this or a separate review once I've had a chance to put it through it paces on the water. Gong_UNIK_6.8m_test_flight.mp4
  14. Cheezycheese

    Sweet session at Atlantic Beach NY

    Hey everyone...its been a while since I've been on. Been a while since I had a kite in the air. But I did get out last week as we had warm temps and great south winds. Had a good day with my bud Brandon at Atlantic Beach, New York. Project_01-11_4K.mp4
  15. windstruck

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    Sean, memory serves that you are quite skillful on your board while shortlining a 6m Peak. I was very fond of your video with the beautiful classical music from about five years ago...
  16. Kamikuza

    Naish Foil Board

    It may well be cross-talk... If you leaning from the waist over your front foot, you're doing a lot less to shift your CoG, and are upsetting your balance. The answer is Yoga lunges -- keep your torso upright and bend your front knee. Yeah I quickly went from 13m tube to 12m Speed3, then 10m Crossbow. Had the 21 for super-light winds, but as soon as I was overpowered (10 knots maybe) I'd go straight to the 10m. It's the same now. If I can't water start on the 10m, it wouldn't be much fun anyway. Key thing is a good power stroke, then being able to turn the power right down. When you get used to loading up the kite and foil like a racer, power is less important. Honestly, the estuary is great. Getting out through the waves at Brighton is still a bit tricky Peak 4 interests me too. Hopefully get a Debi this year...
  17. Garry Ellis

    Welcome to Sport Kiting!

    Hi just joined the forum and wondering if there are any sport kite enthusiasts in the Newcastle area.
  18. Garry Ellis

    Prism E3 - Lower Spreader ARGHHHHH

    Can anyone tell me where I might buy spare parts for the E3. I just ordered one from Kitepower yesterday but they have nothing listed in the way of spares for the E3.
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  20. ssayre

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    I haven't kited for a long time, but I preferred the normal nasa stars to the street star I briefly tried out. I have many hours on the NS2's both buggy and longboard / skateboard. They are easily flown one handed using the standard 2 line bar. I used them for buggy on grass and harnessed on the 3 line bar and used them to longboard on asphalt using the normal 2 line bar and not harnessed. usually 3-5m lines for longboard and long lines in buggy since I was on grass.
  21. mik333

    Born Kite 10m Nasa Star 2

    Knowing John, I'm sure the windbreaker would be an optional extra 😎
  22. .Joel

    Dash Cam Videos

    These are always entertaining, however this one just takes it to another level
  23. .Joel

    Reedin Kites

    Kevin Langeree announces launching his new kitesurfing brand Reedin Kites. He's partnered up with Damien Girardin whom previously worked for Naish Kiteboarding. I remember interviewing Kevin back in around 2009 for a podcast after he had just won the world freestyle championships. A decade later being at the top of the sport he launches his own brand. Incredible progression, can't wait to see how he moves forward. https://www.reedinkites.com/
  24. Jason

    New no wind toys.

    None if you don't do it.
  25. Pari

    Elliot Heads and Woodgate- very nice

    Hi Andy, no I didn't taken any pictures unfortunately. I wish i had especially of Woodgate as it's very beautiful there. Here's something from Google
  26. 123matt

    New no wind toys.

    no shoes. ouch.
  27. SoutherlyBuster

    Naish Foil Board

    Adding the shims made the ride go horrible, so took them off. They probably also added some nasty flow separation. @Kamikuza, your comment of don’t try and lean forward rather move your COG forward, makes no sense. Perhaps we are saying the same thing, when I say lean forward, I mean shifting my body forward which then shifts the COG forward. Yes I know simply pushing down on the front foot does nothing to balance the board out because the COG has not changed. At the moment the biggest helper for me was to reduce the kite size now that my skill level is better, that way I can depower more once the board speed goes up. Launches are a bit harder but I have the knack of that now. Also a kite with good upwind capability helps greatly to body drag out past the breakers in the surf. By the way, those FlySurfer Peak 4’s have caught my attention, some of the local foilers here in Christchurch New Zealand are using them in the surf with rediculously small kite sizes. Anyone try the Born Race Stars for hydrofoiling?
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