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  2. Peter Lynn Bomba

    I have no idea how it compares to the final release.
  3. WTB: Peter Lynn Charger II - 12m or close to it ideally

    Ok, $3 and I’ll take the speed 2 off your hands 🤣 only kidding mate. There is a 19m venom for sale on gumtree at the moment, and I can send you the mod instructions for it f you get it i dont need it as I already have 2x 19m venom 2’s 😉
  4. WTB: Peter Lynn Charger II - 12m or close to it ideally

    Sold all my PL foils in the past year and all I have are my LEs and one Flysurfer Speed 2. So I want an Arc kite again. Make me an offer over $2 (sorry had to put that in for you-know-who).
  5. Peter Lynn Bomba

    Prototype? How does it compare to the official version? I am missing and regretting selling my PL foils. Yeah so I am after the Synergy or better yet a Charger II if anyone has one?
  6. What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    Very very true. We found that out when @roblukin and I attended the "Moose meet" in New Zealand and we were literally blown away kiting in 45 knot squally conditions. My buggy and 7mtr R1kite spent most of that day constantly being retrieved from the lake in the dunes! @gannet was still on a 9 meter foil and is probably only 2/3's my weight and was happily buggying all day. @plummet couldn't be stopped either.
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  8. Taken out

    Ohhh Click Baited Jase! LOL
  9. Taken out

  10. What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    It's all relative. One person's "nuking" conditions is another person's "light and patchy"
  11. What's everyone's go to kite in patchy light wind.

    But you don’t kite unless it’s blowing 20knots+
  12. Someone giving his new(2nd hand) Chrono a fly

    Oooohhhh..... he's got himself a foil
  13. Giving the Chrono 11m a fly in 3-5knots 5DB4CCBE-DAC4-44AE-9C62-A94816A14EBD.MOV
  14. WTS Libre Super Truck II

    i am located in Darwin mate
  15. Peter Lynn Bomba

    Peter Lynn Bomba (prototype) 15m Kite came in a package deal and is in perfect, as new condition. includes original Bomba bag and spars $110 plus postage or combine with the Bar and lines I’m selling and you can have the lot for $175
  16. Hello. newbie Q bout depower kites-

    Hi @alison melia, welcome to the forum. On the difference between fixed bridle and depower, for kites of similar size, aspect ratio and projected sail area, when sheeted out fully the pull from a depower kite is very roughly half that of a fixed bridle kite BUT when sheeted in fully it's going to be pretty much the same power size for size so a powered-up 6m depower kite has the same pull as a 6m fixed bridle. Bigger kites are slower through the air so you have more time to react but there are going to be many times when the wind is too strong for it, especially while you're learning. I reckon you're better off with a smaller de-power to start off with as you'll get more use out of it. A popular choice over the years to learn buggying and kite landboarding has been the stable, low AR snowkite models around the 6m mark like the Ozone Access and HQ Apex foils and more recently the single skin models such as Flysurfer Peak. If you do go this route the chances are that you'll sooner or later outgrow them so I'd suggest you buy second hand and get something more advanced when you're ready for it. You can then choose to on-sell or keep the first kite as a storm sail. These kites are high quality builds that last forever and you can pick them up pretty cheaply. As an example, I recently got a 6m Access XC with bar, lines, harness and bag in really good nick for $ 150. Good luck and keep us posted.
  17. FS: bar and lines

    Bar and lines $110 plus postage liquide force bar and lines with updated switch chicken loop and depower. The switch gear is a copy of the north iron heart and works extremely well. lines are in great condition.
  18. Craig Hansen Inflatable Kite

    Now that you mention it......
  19. Craig Hansen Inflatable Kite

    Anyone else noticed how Craig and @jhn.holgate look like they could be brothers?
  20. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Now this is a bargain. $175 for ozone flow kite, turbo bar, harness and MBS mountain board 5m Foil Kite & Free Kiteboard on Gumtree http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1203388838?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  21. Ozone Explore

    Thanks for sharing. Where do you ride?
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  23. Flysurfer Speed 2 19m - mixer issues

    You guys are amazing! Thank you so much. I've made some adjustments as per some in the kitefoil.com forums suggested (way back then when it came out), but I have to fly it to test. If it fails my "lofty stamp of approval" flying style, I'll try your awesome tips. Thank you soooooooo much again.
  24. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    LOL. Yeah I saw that and thought..... hmmm does it come with solar panels and motor for when the wind dies?
  25. SOLD Trampa mountainboard

    Board is SOLD
  26. Kite buggy, kites to new home

    ^ Bargain... a buggy with 4 kites at this price is a steal/ good luck with the sale.
  27. eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Here is a good one for someone that has cash they want to burn. Hobbs/McConaghy h-bomb “carbon” buggy for $3000!!? https://www.seabreeze.com.au/Classifieds/Other-Land-Kiting/~l9pvn/2013-HobbsMcconaghy-Carbon-Kite-Buggy.aspx?_page=1&search=2hPdk649Q8AwsQoDJ7LrBA%3D%3D
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