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  4. slide

    Kiteboarding transferring to land boarding

    the bigger the wheels are really a lot heavier, and weight on the ends is not where you want it for agile landboarding , when you've been to your chosen beach a few times you soon work out where the hard patches are - I have found you need an onshore tide going out and the sun tends to bake the sand a bit as I shines on the beach , and will harden more as you get ready, and stay harnessed in as you do for the water , and as you swipe across for some power to start, don't just lean back , I tend to throw my legs/feet up so you are in the right position when your wheels hit the beach, the first thing you will notice you can not hold as much power as kitesurting , and get ready for lots of sliding ,and sometimes throwing up your feet up is a good way to avoid crashes, if you slightly get it wrong , and never fall forwards train yourself to always fall backwards and land on your bottom
  5. Jason

    2x PL Buggies + 3 & 2m Kites

    Two peter lynn stainless steel kite buggies with two quad line kites 3m and 2m one harness all in good condition. $650 *will not seperate.
  6. andy666


    Sorry, didn’t see your question before. no I haven’t done this myself, but I should give it a go. I’ve also wondered if dissolved stormsure glue would work better then silicon???
  7. Northern Kites Australia


    An answer / response is appreciated! 🤔
  8. Northern Kites Australia

    2019 Kite Construction Guide

    Question (nice write up by the way), GONG kites as you know have a single strut by way of a flattened flex-pole, that the kiter simply slides into a "middle pocket" and this keeps the kite more rigid and reduces flutter. No need to pump a strut bladder. I think they have other models with the same concept but with more re-inforcing :struts" along the canopy of the kite. The only inflatable part is the leading edge. No valves too of course which is great. It was a common feature in older C kites (slingshot, naish). There must be a reason why the modern bladder solution took over, and it's not weight. I've weighed these flex-struts for want of a better term, and they are lighted than a similar sized bladder inflated. I would have thought a strut with diameters as much as 4 inches in some kites, would generate wind resistance and create an obtrusion to the flow of wind underneath the canopy. So why not have embraced a more simpler design like the GONG kites?
  9. Kman2.0

    Kiteboarding transferring to land boarding

    As long as your kite can fly you're good to go, rolling resistance is low and speed picks up quick. Grass is intimidating but easier option since you don't need to worry about tides and softness etc. If you don't break your hip in first 2-3 sessions and you're not too dumb chances are you will survive and are good to go... just take it slow. oh and small kites are probably safer at first. Start small.
  10. jeffnyc

    Kiteboarding transferring to land boarding

    Look for hard pack sand and low tide usually. If all you have is soft sand, you can get 9 or 10 inch tires and be able to move in softer sand (look up granny tires here and you will find plummet and baker's 10 inch tire boards). You need much less kite size on land (less resistance than water). Keep the kite high if you're hitting soft sand and plowing in. Have fun!
  11. Tiger37

    Ozone Wasp Wing

    Hey thanks. That’s really interesting and similar to my thoughts that it would be difficult to control from a sitting position in a buggy, especially the larger sizes. Bit expensive too.
  12. slide

    Kiteboarding transferring to land boarding

    the first thing you need to do is avoid soft sand , from what I've seen on the vids you have a large choice of some very big beaches
  13. NormaSmund

    Couple of new builds 2018

    Thanks Ray, I appreciate that Taking her to a show this weekend. Always a good time hanging out with friends and getting to see some great builds ;-)
  14. NormaSmund

    Land Yacht Overtaking Rules

    I had an 05 48 Yacht with 660 cummins diesels in it. That boat was fast and handle like a sports car on steroids. Lost it to Sandy. The 48 you mention does seem to be under powered ;-)
  15. Hi guys I’ve been kiteboarding for about a year, pretty confident in water but trying out land boarding. Got a mountain board, curious of wind speeds and directions and what size kite to use. I use Lei kites I think they’re called , got a 9 and 12m liquid force envy.I tried using my mountain board on the beach the other day seemed to get bogged in the soft sand curious of the limits to push.
  16. MichaelMox

    Poker Face @ Kingston 2018

    Good luck with this John. Will try to get a couple of nights in soon seeing as its not too far from me Hope it all goes well
  17. Earlier
  18. tomdiving

    Ozone Wasp Wing

    this recently came up on the power kite forum as well. tom http://www.powerkiteforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=36485
  19. MichaelMox

    Round Hill Snowkiting NZ

    It looks like about 90 miles to the school. So thats a good 2 hour bus ride, I think its a plus to play on Saturday that way the kids dont have to sit in school all day then sit on the bus for 2 hours. Dont know much about Indian Hill other then their record and their opponents. But I will say Waverly has never lost a playoff game to a team from Cincinnati.
  20. WIE110

    Ozone Wasp Wing

    Na looks stupid. the idea will be forgotten soon.
  21. winddrifter

    Ozone Wasp Wing

    Na wouldn't bother , could try on flat beach just to try but would end up running it over from being close to ground, maybe a land board if you ride them. I think I'd still prefer kites on water.
  22. Lindaflath

    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Sorry but the link isnt responding youll have to go into ebay and type the item number in. which is 280005890894 the guy has plenty photos of other bands so check out his other items for sale. ;-)
  23. Tiger37

    Ozone Wasp Wing

    This is an interesting development. Interesting to read they recommend it for land and water use but do not mention land use in a buggy. Perhaps it would be to difficult to use sitting down? I would like to hear people’s views on use in a buggy? What do you think? Couldn’t find a price either! https://ozonekites.com/products/wings/wasp-v1
  24. Lindaflath

    The next big thing?

    Itll be the "next big thing" for about 6 months then youll never hear of it again. During that time some &*!! will demand it be accepted as an Olympic sport. Its still a million more times interesting than golf mind. ;-)
  25. Juan Valdez

    Video Les Hemmes

    76kmh with an 18m? Wow!!! I think its hard to get an used R1 21.0, because they didnt sell so much? I have never seen one. The AeroV2 is a very fast kite, but easy to fly...
  26. Chook

    Video Les Hemmes

    Thanks Juan. I have a 15m Chrono V2 and a 15 R1 and they are very different kites with the Chrono 2 being MUCH more docile. Would love to buggy with an Aero just to compare. It looks fantastic in your videos. Even the Ozone R1 V2 is dulled down from the original R1's. V2 is much lighter, has better manners, incredibly delicate materials, but seems to lack the top end speed of the first R1's. Would love to know if it's just my imagination. I also love my 18m Joker 7 ELF. Its one hell of a kite. Extremely well behaved and goes like hell when the wind comes up. Been to 76kmh with it. Would love to get an original 21m R1 to get buggying in really low wind. If anyone has an old one, or I would even consider a damaged one I can repair. Cheers.
  27. moc

    Peter Lynn Kite Buggy

    Jo l am wondering if the Land Lizard buggy is still available for sale. My name is Mark l live in Seaford phoe no 0417581887 or email mboc154@gmail.com . Hope yo hear soon Mark
  28. Northern Kites Australia


    Thanks @andy666. Just wanted to clarify. So you've done this obviously. Did you push out all of the silicone from the caulk bottle into a bucket and mixed it with turps? How did you go? What ratios did you use? What kites did you try it on? Please share.
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