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  2. Round Hill Snowkiting NZ

    @Beiland, cool. Yes did get out last Saturday for an afternoon session on the foil board at New Brighton Beach sout of the pier. Going by your avitar name, do you restrict your self to just land kiting or mix in some water action as well?
  3. Advice seeking on how to tune bridles - A,B,C and Z

    Tuning a kite is not just about making either the steering / front lines longer or shorter. I get that. But for kites that have a mixer like Flysurfer kites, is it the same principle in tuning the bridles? My Pansh is up for sale, but I flew it out of the bag last week for the first time in a year, to see if everything is ok. Alas, the leading-edge crumbled on me when the kite went to 12 o'clock. It doesn't tend to happen along the other areas of the wind-window, such as 3, 2 and 1 o'clock, but only when it's at zenith. And not all the time, sometimes. The problem I think is that when the wind dies down a little, the leading edge collapses, and doesn't hold its shape like a Flysurfer does. The kite used to fly perfectly, and I think some bridles have either shrunk or stretched. I was told that by shortening the B or C (or both), this problem tends to go away. I've not done that yet, but when I do align the bridle connecting points, they are about 2-3cm apart in this order: A is longer, followed by B and then C. What tips/advice could you give please?
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  5. Foil boarding with a wing

    I find kw is more secure than street star , depower is faster That said i didn t use any quick relase like stefan only hooked depower and i used a leash with the kw
  6. Foil boarding with a wing

    Yeah, still got it too. Dunno about "got into it" but pottered around with them for a couple of years, with the skates mostly. That was fun. I can imagine being short would suck, you'd have to lean the 'wing more I guess -- and the tips got scuffed on mine too. Lots of places here aren't big enough for kites or have banned kites...and are behind stop banks so they're gusty as. Easy to just let go of the rear hand on the 'wing and the power is gone, no mess no muss. Unlike at 3:25
  7. Foil boarding with a wing

    Attach a bamboo plus boom to a kite and you can kitewing , it take 5 minutes Diadrehal is no obstacle to windsurf use. The wind force tends to stick the mast to the board
  8. Closed Cell Launching Tips

    Good video Joel. I guess for a laugh some one should do the commedy act launching an ARC when things go pair shaped and the cursing that follows.
  9. Acoustic and live performances

    Reckon this would form a good back drop for a Sandy Point video and a 30 knot wind
  10. Yeppoon 2018

    Well done Theresa!
  11. Foil boarding with a wing

    Yeah but I am a shortarse! I also mean it was just a lot more work and effort than a kite on really short lines and I really disliked that it blocked my view of anything approaching from downwind, and perhaps thats just my kite addiction/background? You obviously got into them looks like you purchased your own?
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  13. Wanted : MEFM and oldtimers stuntkites

    Thanks deefledermaus, but unfortunatly, your address don't works... Please, send me an e-mail to my address above, it will be more simple. Thanks in advance.
  14. Round Hill Snowkiting NZ

    Awesome, would greatly appreciate the heads up whenever you go. I did buy a season pass for Mt Hutt as a backup - at least I'll be able to take advantage of the snow one way or another... I have a 4WD SUV would be happy to drive sometime in return for some guidance on the snow-kiting! Here's hoping we get some good weather days this season... Hopefully you managed to get out for a kite Saturday while the wind was on! Cheers, Matthew
  15. Yeppoon 2018

    Two beautiful weeks at Yeppoon with awesome kiting friends, plus the proud moments of helping and watch my daughter Theresa learn how to use a depower kite and the painful road of mastering the art of kitebiking, which Theresa did to the highest level by breaking two World records. it's time to head home today, till next year http://popeyethewelder.com/archives/16184
  16. Wanted : MEFM and oldtimers stuntkites

    You can reach me at Richard_everhard@yahoo
  17. Foil boarding with a wing

    Homemade NASA parafoil - sound interesting. Can you post or pm me pics? Tried to build a few myself.
  18. ANZAC Day buggy run @ Sandy Point??

    Tides were at a good time as well.
  19. ANZAC Day buggy run @ Sandy Point??

    Well the forecast isn't looking to good. Light winds. Any wind forecast is under 5 knots, so I doubt that we will be going down. Unless Mother Nature changes her mind.
  20. Video showing some closed cell launching tips....
  21. Just seeing whats out there

    Starting my perch for a 13.4 vapor Preferred a well taken care of kite not in a hurry just looking
  22. Peter lynn Vapor

    when you say the mk2 vapor and less friendly do you mean they just have a edge to them that makes them a lot more touchy?
  23. Foil boarding with a wing

    I didn't notice that, but I primarily used it on hard-pack dirt or concrete. Cumbersome? Nah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjNRjgH5fn8 But yeah, kites would be more productive no doubt.
  24. Foil boarding with a wing

    I tried the Kitewing and gave up on it because of the effort/load on arms, the bulk of the thing it really was very cumbersome to manoeuvre, and to me it has zero advantages over a kite on really short lines. We could get better performance from a kite flown off its bridles or very short lines (50-100cm). Narrow carparks and bikepaths were doable with a kite no worries.
  25. Acoustic and live performances

    Heavy metal electric guitar versus accoustic violin who wis? Great duet, both masters of their instrument.
  26. Foil boarding with a wing

    Perhaps the grass is greener syndrome? Good for a laugh.
  27. IBX 2018 Born-Kite Style!

    Awesome vid Steve - love the music too!
  28. Foil boarding with a wing

    The issue is you need a lot of wind, even to skate on concrete. You could kitesurfing easily by that point. The advantage is you can use a kitewing in carparks where a power kite with lines wouldn't work because lamp posts or whatnot.
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