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  2. windstruck

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    I had a first gen 4.0m StreetStar a couple of years ago. I didn't find that it provided very much actual traction, and far less than a comparable 4.0m NasaStar of any generation. From what I am able to gather from watching StreetStar videos is that it may be well suited for low friction riding such as pavement. I've yet to see a video of it pulling a person through thick grass for example on a landboard or some sort of skates. The videos I've watched (mostly of Steffen Born himself) has it appear that these are low traction kites since his landboard speed seems very slow to me based on my impression of wind speed from surrounding bushes, trees, etc. This is not a rub on the StreetStar, just an observation. I have personally had mixed success using NasaStars on very short or no lines, but that could just be me. The thing is, the pull per square meter just seems to be much higher with the NasaStars compared to the StreetStars. Steffen has come out with a second gen StreetStar: http://www.born-kite.de/?cat=c22_Street-Star2-Streetkites.html This second gen kite has a deeper nose profile and much superior BODAPAR lines in the bridling. If you go this direction I'd pull the trigger on the second gen. All but one of my Born-Kites are now sufficiently new that they have the BODAPAR lines and I really like them better than the older models with whatever bridle line material he used to use. IMHO, the bridling was the weak link of the pre-BODAPAR Born-Kites. I don't do this sort of riding, but if I did I'd be looking at NS4s on short lines with z-bridles to work from handles. That has become my personal preferred way to fly NasaStars. So much more control than bar flying, which even with three lines, essentially fly like two-liners with a safety line that is rarely, if ever, used. You mentioned wanting versatility into the buggy, so I think you have your answer... Good luck!
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  5. Tedgar

    Born-Kite StreetStar

    I know this is resurrecting an old thread, but I'd be interested if anyone had concluded on a preference for either the StreetStar or the Nasa Star on short lines/bridles? I am looking for a landboard solution with short or no lines to use on the beach or beach-side walkway; winds can be a bit gusty or with lulls. I have read everything I can find here and on powerkite but it's mostly early impressions rather than longer term testing. @ssayre, any thoughts on this as I see you were using a short-line Nasa Star set-up quite regularly - were you tempted to switch to the StreetStar? One attraction of the Nasa Star set-up is its versatility for use with buggy as well...
  6. Rudy 67

    Snowkiting Mt Mckay and surrounds

    Refreshing to watch on this hot & humid day.
  7. Hi All, Thought it was about time I uploaded some content. This was shot on a weekend of snowkiting back in September 2017 . . . yes I am a bit slow when it comes to editing 🙂 Light conditions but great snow. It was my son's first time on a snowboard / snowkiting and he is now hooked!
  8. WIE110

    Flysurfer Speed5 12M

    I wonder why you get so little feedback from such good reviews?
  9. Interesting video regarding the state of kiteboarding brands
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  11. Juan Valdez

    Video Les Hemmes

    We rode side by side and he didnt see me when he turned right suddenly. English is good, but living at the other side of the planet could be a little problem. Or a very expensive one💸😉. Thank you, mate!!!
  12. Chook

    Video Les Hemmes

    How did you manage to run into him Juan as you seem to be looking that direction. I'd love to buggy with you guys but can only speak English and live the other side of the planet. Another great video. I love your efforts. Keep them coming mate. Cheers.
  13. Juan Valdez

    Video Les Hemmes

  14. Juan Valdez

    Video Les Hemmes

  15. Ha ha. Ahh thanks, so that's where I was getting ballzed up. Andy got married last month!
  16. Bridal line: noun; The almost invisible thread that is used by young, single women to ensnare unsuspecting, male prey. 🤕
  17. Pari

    Naish PIVOT 11m for sale

  18. roblukin

    Now this is interesting

    the same thing went through my head..
  19. Thank you Kevin. Now I just have to track down that bridal line Andy gave me.
  20. Correct! You have to allow extra for constructing the loops, etc.
  21. I made mine that the measurement is to the end of the bridle loop.
  22. Chook

    Now this is interesting

    At 2.33 he mentions the fabric is also less than half the weight of dacron at 70gm2 so agree with you Kami. Unreal materials that may even be Lukin proof. Eh @roblukin
  23. Starting to get organized @KaoS. I know, I know Kevin. Yes WA stands for Wait a While. These measurements are to the plastic end caps? If so, then I would have to add some extra bridal for attachment loops and knots to get to these final figures? Cheers.
  24. Tiger37

    3.5m Flexifoil Blurr for sale

    Kite SOLD to @moc. Suggested that as a beginner, he might contact @nigel to ask about anybody in the Melbourne area that might give him some kiting instruction. Cheers and happy winds!
  25. Kamikuza

    Now this is interesting

    The impression I got was that it was just replacing the Dacron... For now. Am I being too hopeful?
  26. jeffnyc

    Now this is interesting

    Ah, makes sense. Didn't realize that stuff weighed so much.
  27. andy666

    Now this is interesting

    The impression I got from the video is that it is just replacing the Dacron struts and the bladder material that s being replaced I can see some super light weight 17m+ LEI’s coming out that will compete with the big foil kites in light wind efficiency.
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