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    Born Kite Long Star 2 9.5m

    Bump for $450. Buy this and Trev's 3.5 & 7m's and you've got a great set of long star 2's
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    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    And then there was one... At this time I am still planning on heading to yeppoon.
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    Rosebud Kite Festival

    We've been quite quiet on the forum lately but I thought to fill you all in with what's been going on with ourselves. Doug and I have taken a liking even more to the static flying and have been moving about the south east attending various kite festivals over the past couple of years. Yesterday we were flying at the 2020 Rosebud Kite Festival. This year the festival seemed to have lost its flare, but we still managed to have a kite or two in the air and got to hang out with the likes of fellow buggyer's @nigel and @The Duke. Its always nice to catch up with friends with like-minded hobbies. Doug and I now have a Facebook page called Clear Blue Kites where we have a few photos and videos posted. But for those of you who steer away from Facebook and all its politics, here are a few photos of our kites for you to enjoy. Up next...... 2020 Adelaide International Kite Festival
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    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    Apparently the Lions club are buying a bunch of printed banners to use instead. As you say, not the same, but the average member of the public probably won't realize there's much of a difference. C'est la vie. We'll just have to change the location of our annual get together... Kingston 2021??
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    Ed Cline

    Tribe of Trilobites

    So I'll need a few posts. I'll try not to be too obvious. Heres mine from 2016. It's a 36 by marking? Point is they handle really well close in and can make a 550lb dacron line sing.
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    Bargain Kite Buggy Set Up - SOLD

    My Sysmic S2 buggy is for sale. This is a great stable buggy in good condition. It has been washed with fresh water and sprayed with silicon spray after all beach rides, but predominantly used in-land on grass ovals. MidiXL tyres. Front wheel mud flap. The rear axle is removed quickly and easily with 4 bolts, enabling the buggy to be transported easily. It fits in the back of my Subaru Impreza hatch. With my buggy, I am including a number of free items to allow somebody new to buggying to start immediately having learnt how to fly power kites. Included for free in the sale of this Sysmic Buggy will be: The Sysmic 80 litre kite bag which can be strapped to the rear of the buggy. A helmet (one of the 2 in the photo) A Flysurfer Peak 1 9m depower single skin kite. This kite has seen a fair bit of use but still flies well. There are a few repairs to the leading edge. It includes lines and the bar that came with the kite. It is in a small backpack which can be used as a harness. However!! See next Size small ProLimit seat harness. Knee and elbow pads “Walk of Shame” Peter Lynn buggy tow rope. This is a real bargain. Happy to discuss with any prospective buyer. Be quick at the remarkable price of $450
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    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    Wow is this year really getting a wriggle on? Counting down the days now till we get to Yeppoon for the annual get together. Easter is the full moon so that equals big tides. The beach is wide anyway but this means extra room to play The tidal creek across the beach is usually a non event this time of the year because of this. I fly into Rockhampton on the 26th March and leave on the 28th of April based at Driftwood right on the beach in Todd Ave. I posted my kites, helmet and armour last Wednesday so it's there ready for when I arrive. (Cheers Bernie for your help in this regard, your a champion ) So guys who else can make it this year.
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    Vliegers & Co Closing Down Sale

    Nah you're just cheap
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    Juan Valdez

    Video Les Hemmes

    Equihen Plage
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    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    I think that sounds like a bloody great idea - not to forget Beachport now has us putting on an annual organised display - around about the 18th January. Speak with Ian at AKFA.
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    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    Sounds like a plan Kevin. I've already paid a deposit for a cabin in Kingston SE from the 16th Jan till the 27th. 😉
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    Naish Foil Board

    Board and rider in action on an inland lake, lake Coleridge, South Island, New Zealand. Was a good day out, very light winds about 5 to 6 knots, powered with my FlySurfer Lotus 18m^2. Was amazed how smooth the ride was compared to hydrofoiling in the ocean.
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    Should I ask for warranty?

    What do you think my chances are of getting a warranty claim on one of the extreme kites t-shirts? I love this shirt, but after ONLY 8 years of regular exposure to sweat, salt water, sunscreen and sunlight it has started to fall apart. @.Joel what was the warranty period on these shirts, because I feel like I should of got at least 10yrs out of it? 😄
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    Should I ask for warranty?

    My SpeedWeek 2009 and 2010 are still going strong, a bit faded though. They were the orange ones. Ya so 11 years usage and still holding up, must be the colour .
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    Sad to see you selling your gear, Trev. But great kites and a bargain for someone. One thing I absolutely loved about my 3.5m is not only is it grunty for it's size in lighter wind - I think we could actually buggy in 12 knots and up - but even in 25 knots, let the bar out and very little pull at all. Easily betters the Peak 2 4m and Access XT 4m.
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    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    Ah that's a shame Bob. Take care mate.
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    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    I won't make it this year, too many other trips to Qld (April 4 Officiate Roller Derby, April 25 Play Roller Derby, May 23 Niece's Wedding) and not enough leave to link these together with a kiting trip :-( Bob
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    Tribe of Trilobites

    Three of the 'Tribe' 36,16 and baby 3. Taken from this angle, they all appear roughly same dimensions. have fun dougie..
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    Problem Solving

    Save, Print, Stick on wall for future reference...
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    Should I ask for warranty?

    Plenty of life left in that shirt. Here's something you can use to patch those holes and the rip. https://www.fixmykite.com.au/ripstop-sail-tape-2-black
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    Juan Valdez

    Video Les Hemmes

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    Buggy Modification Question

    The tricky part @ssayre, is how do you attach the wheels. The PL axles have a threaded insert welded into the tube stock, on the VTT buggies, when Van didn't weld in a threaded insert, he would weld a plate onto the tube stock that extended beyond the edge with a hole drilled through so you can use a nut and bolt to attach the wheel (like on my Stinger buggy)... This is a pic of when I was doing some mods to the Stinger (wider axle was one I was doing): This does add a little bit of height/ground clearance to the buggy as well FYI. You can probably easily work out adding the extra length by making the tubes that stick out from the back axle to receive the rails longer to suit the amount of length you want to add.
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    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    I was so excited and counting down the days and now I'm snookered as of yesterday. Bloody virus has thrown a spanner in the works and grounded all non essential movement in West Australia. In other words for me no flights. So I'm resigned to having to wait for Easter next year. Bugger.
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    After helping John H with a trial of the Born Kites Long Star 2 at Kingston SA, I immediately purchased a 3.5 and 7.5m LongStar 2 with their Totem Control bar and lines. Watch the video of that trial and read the report on this website These kites are stable, easy to launch and control, provide good all round performance and are excellent value. I made comments about the bar in a previous post after John’s trial report and have nothing but praise for it. Sadly due to personal circumstances I’m stopping buggying and so these great almost new kites are for sale. I would prefer to sell both of the kites and bar as a package. I’m asking $700ono for the lot and can post at buyers expense!

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