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    Thinking of you all!

    I was lucky enough to be working for an essential service when the COVID19 lockdown commenced here in New Zealand, so are still working and earning money. Have not been kiting or flying my RC gliders for a few months now, have been putting my efforts elsewhere, now concentrating on my music productions. Funny 7 years ago when I started making videos of kitesurfing etc., looking for music to go with it, vids got silenced for using copyrighted material (oops, then switched to a paid service) and thought, why don’t I write my own music — not so easy. But I have been steadily working on music compositions, so now instead of thinking about writing music for videos I have made, I film videos to promote my music. Fortunately I do not need a recording studio, just use my home gear. I use a combination of virtual instruments driven by a midi keyboard, electric instruments like my violin, mic up my acoustic harmonica and the odd sampled sounds I find around the house using a contact piezo or mic. This all gets assembled on a digital audio workstation (DAW) software on my computer. My son Zac is continuing his university degree locally but all online from home. Here is a link to my latest work:
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    Wanted to buy dirtsurfer

    How hard did you look? Found one for $50. It’s located in WA, but for $50 it’s worth paying postage. PRICE REDUCED!! Downhill Dirt Surfer on Gumtree http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1246855500?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=ios_VIP&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
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    Wanted to buy dirtsurfer

    @Mark Duyvesteyn These are super hard to find. I can't send you a PM because you have a low post count, but if you want to chat you can email me at bakersdozenaudio (at) gmail dot com
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    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    Hey a huge thankyou to Bernie in Yeppoon for sorting out the return of my kite gear. Cheers mate. AUS $126.00 is the cheapest It's ever been to post one way so well done Bernie. Is it ok for you to hang onto the other parcel/bar till next Easter Bernie? If not please give me a yell. I always post my box a month ahead to allow for any delays and it includes spares etc, ready for our annual months pilgrimage over Easter in Yeppoon. Then the world turned to shit and the wheels fell off with Covid 19. Boy have I missed catching up with everyone and the beaches. It's left a big hole in my yearly planning. I unpacked it straight away (when my wife picked it up from the post office today) and have put everything safely away. I try hard to keep the weight down to less than 20kgs. Included was my 19m2 ELF, 15m2 and my 7m2 R1's, all my 666 armour, Shin pads, Helmet, gloves, 2 white sports pressure T-shirts, 2 bars, spare lines, 3 soft kite dry bags, Peter lynn buggy dry bag (that I bought home to repair last year) , my kite repair kit with sticky-back ripstop in 6 colours, spare bridles, fids needles and speed-systems etc, full set of wheel and steering head bearings, grease, pliers and 2 pairs of sunnies. All fits into this box. The box is behind the orange R1. I enclose the contents within a double black "wheely bin" liner to protect it against moisture. This cardboard box has now been across Australia 16 times and there and back to New Zealand for the "Moose meet". I think most of the Christmas stamps have now fallen off the stickytape covering. The post office uses up all of the previous Chrissy stamps on my box to get rid of them. Anyway is was with a sad heart I put my gear back unused. But the positive thing is I'm in fantastic health. Take care gang and keep safe. Catch you next year. (Yes I've already booked the unit for a month.) Chook
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    Yep it's time for Yeppoon 2020.

    I was just reminded that I should have spent this last weekend in Mackay, Qld.
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    eBay & Gumtree Finds

    Yep that sure is mine. Jenny sold hers to Andy at Australia Day fly. I haven't used mine a lot in the last few years and after a small stroke early Jan thought it wise to down size a few toys and give me more room in the shed now that we are semi permanent living here in Kingston SE. Cheers to everyone in these strange times.
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    Thinking of you all!

    Thanks Andy. I still have a bit to do to the sail as you can see there are a few wrinkles where I've flattened out the top 4 panels (tapered them in at the leech "trailing edge" along the batten pockets and restitched) so the top of the sail doesn't twist off as much but still has a slight belly at the 1/4 cord point when fully sheeted in at high speed. Got to take the luff pocket in a bit over winter and smooth out these wrinkles. It's a 7m2 sail and goes well. At 80kmh I can now throw out the sheet rope and it just sits there feathered with the wind. No shaking at all. Slowly getting there. Yesterday was a bit lighter wind and my adjustments on my 8.2m sail worked pretty well (65.7kmh) but needs more trailing edge tension. Unpicking the 5th batten today and I'll take it in another 12 mm at the back. (3rd time on this batten pocket but it's looking much better) All a good learning curve to get more stability at speed. I really enjoy tuning them to match the stiffer mast. Cheers.
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    Thinking of you all!

    It took a while, but I found a little bit of unoccupied sand on the weekend

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