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    For Sale: Sysmic S2

    I thought about selling this a year ago but changed my mind -- this time it really needs to go. My powerkiting days are over I'm afraid What's for sale: -Sysmic S2 buggy, powder coated steel with midi XL wheels. In tip top condition - has been maintained fastidiously. -buggy tow hitch bracket, which slides into any standard square tow hitch. Means no trailer or disassembly required to get to and from there beach/park. Has lockable clasps so you can leave the car without worrying about their buggy getting flogged. This was custom made by me for my buggy and it makes getting to the beach and back a breeze. I have made it slightly wider with some PTFE spacers, so it has an extra 80mm width in the seat, Makes it very comfy for bigger guys like me, but they arent stuck in so they can be removed easily. I'm looking for $900 I'm happy to assist with freight by dropping it at any depot in Adelaide. The tow hitch, however, can not break down so it is expensive to freight given the cubic size that freight companies apply to it. Thanks Jordan
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    New GoPro Session Camera

    any smaller and you could swallow it . non removable battery and lower resolutions. but doesn't need the water proof case as it is technically waterproof on its own., a semi review is here http://www.theverge.com/2015/7/6/8887691/gopro-hero-4-session-camera-cube-hands-on also one that slipped under the radar, is the Polaroid Cube, http://www.polaroid.com.au/cube similar size, a heck of a lot cheaper.
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    Peter Lynn Aero

    A quiver of say 5 vapors (1 line set and handles) vs 2 sonicFR's (1 line set and bar) that cover the same wind range will work out at very close to the same price. So I don't think cost can be used as an argument to support fixed bridle race kites over depower and saying that racers will become uncompetitive because of kite prices.
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    CHRIS K854

    HQ Zeekai

    having flown one at No Barriers I can say they are very lifty lol
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    CHRIS K854

    Pansh A15 Prototype

    hopefully one will be heading my way soon and it will be going straight onto 15m lines for a bit of crono/R1 baiting :-)
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    No Barriers

    yup was the final proto before the design came out (they are white bridles though ). Was only a 6m and doing very well in amongst the pack
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    Peter Lynn Aero

    An interesting discussion!... The only reason the sub top 10 guys became competative is because they purchased themselves better technology. Once all pilots are onto depower then those that were sub top 10 will drop back to their previous positions. I agree the depower is way easier. But at the same time that means you can do more than what you could in a fixed bridle. It will up the game and skill level will still be very important. However it will be slightly different skill set developed to milk the best out of depower...... The other reality is that kitesurfing, snowkiting, landboarding moved on from fixed bridle 10+ years about. Its old technology. Its about time buggying cought up to what every other kitersport has known for years and years,,,,,,,,, I guess we needed to wait for the depower performance to be better than fixed bridle performance for racing.
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    Nasa Star 3 Competition

    Be careful what you wish for..... Can at least get you to 99 without having to resort to multiple personality disorders. Sam.... United States, East Coast. Kiting since 2007 a mix of FBs, depowers, an (truly) embarrassing number of dual line and some SLKs. Some (HQ) NPWs even snuck into the bag. Mostly on PKF, but lurk here and on KiteCrowd (UK). Nice to see that John is an admin, although it's hard not to think: ATB, Sam
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    Peter Lynn Aero

    Fixed bridle is far from dead I'd say, even in buggy racing. Price point is a big factor but also, the sheer joy of handling a fixed bridle versus the ease of a depow. Vapor II keeps up and even wins in straight line speed, where fixed bridles lose ground is in the turns because a depower, you just eh, depower and round the bouy. A Fixed bridle takes a lot more skill to get round an intricate course and that's just the thing, it's so much more satisfying getting a good time on a track knowing you're perfectly in tune with your kite and you've gotten the most out of it. Depower has definitely changed the game, people who weren't able to finish in the top 10 before slapped down a wad of cash for a set of depowers and hey presto, now they're in the top. And not because of skill, but because of money and that, in my humble opinion, is a sad thing to see happening in a sport where it used to be all about skill, size of balls, and choosing the right kite/size for the circumstances. So yeah, I too would love to see a separation of classes in the future and not just because depowers are supposedly faster (difference isn't that big or not there at all) but more because of safety. The ease of depowering your kite and rounding a bouy versus choosing the perfect line and timing your turn perfectly with a fixed bridle has already created dangerous moments and frustration. (You can see a good example in the NB video of what I'm talking about at 2:32, James depowers and stops almost on the spot, can't do that with a fixed bridle. Imagine a scenario like that in a race with 20 pilots trying to round the first bouy... not cool) * Please note that this post is my personal opinion and stands completely separate from my work for Peter Lynn.
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    Nasa Star 3 Competition

    Spencer and fellow North Americans the comp ends at 6 am for us Eastern time
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    Peter Lynn Aero

    Fixed bridle kites are good for, euh well, they had their time. The vapor 2 is fast, but not fast enough. If u want to step a level higher, then u should take a depower race-foil. That will only give u a steeper learning curve and more fun. Oh, and for those who wonder, yes the Ozone R1 is more stable then the Chrono, and faster But I would love to see some more competition from other brands in buggy-racing!
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    Peter Lynn Aero

    I don't think I'd go that far. You might find that in time they split them in to two different sections, fixed and de-power. Fixed bridles dead for racing? You might have to eat those words in a few years. If you consider the costs in getting a quiver of these new super speedy kites, that's a hell of a lot of fixed bridle kites. For the average racer, fixed bridle, and a basic buggy (with barrows) could be the new entry in to the sport. You don't want to make the sport (race scene) too expensive so it prices out those who just want to have more fun than be serious. Also if each manufacturer only sells their high aspect de-power, how are they going to make their bread and butter? The entry kites will out sell the top end gear, so prices would go up if the fixed bridle stuff went.
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    Mad Way Mongolia

    Indeed thanks for all the awesome pics, @outlaw !!!!! Great stuff!
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    Mad Way Mongolia

    Congrats, Gavin on a truly awesome trip. 3,692.5km! Wow. Many thanks for the pics too.
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    Mad Way Mongolia

    Another writeup on popeyes page- http://popeyethewelder.com/archives/15519

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