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    Kite aerial video

    Gave the Fei Yutech WG wearable gimbal a run on the picavet mount for some video. Finally, some steady video from a kite! (well, at least compared to all my other attempts). The FY WG is a terrific little device - I'll get a review of it up over the next few weeks. I've used it on the gopro pole and the helmet and it does a great job of smoothing out the video...except for vertical vibrations/jumps - it can't do much about those. It can follow you movements/direction if you want it to with panning follow and tilt follow but it can also lock into 'I'm pointing this way only' mode which is what I'm using on the kite - which will also be useful on the helmet in the buggy - no more 'look at kite' 'look where I'm going' 'look at kite' 'look where I'm going' 'look at kite' - by which time I've usually erased or turned off the video...
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    Ivanpah Buggy Expo 2016

    What a week! Still glowing in the afterthoughts. Here is a quick video of some (of my) action captured from my helmet mounted GoPro.
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    Autumn Sandy Point Sessions

    Nigel's problem is lack of traction ........ Too lean, you need a bit more padding. joels got the weight advantage, but if you work at it you can put on 20 or so kilos Jokes aside, big effort by both lads, and ballsy flying with kites 3 times the size of what I was prepared to use, I would have had to put the wind speed at 25 or so knots, as I can put up a 4 m Kite in just over 20 and I was glad I didn't try that. dougs a bit of a goer, give him a fancy race kite and he will suprise some methinks, he had his big buggy sideways with his 3 m bruiser so he's not short of determination. Plus he overtook me as the toxic couldn't quite match him.
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    Looks and sounds great, the proof will be in the flying.
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    I've ordered mine yesterday. I'm grabbing the 11m Boost 2. It should be in my possession I'm guessing 10days. I'll let you guys know how I go and get a review up with pic's soon.
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    Autumn Sandy Point Sessions

    Yes but think how priceless it would be if you would then beat Joel with the old gear. Don't worry Nigel, you are still a legend.
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    Autumn Sandy Point Sessions

    And I quite literally did it all single handedly.... lets see that gap with two hands on the bar....
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    Ivanpah Buggy Expo 2016

    Just got back late last night (OK, midnight) from IBX. It is still ongoing through Saturday. What an event! Great thanks extended to Bob, Brian, Murray, and the whole gang that made it possible. Wonderful people doing what we all love, outstanding buggy and land sailing location, and some very passable wind! Tami (utahtami on PKF) set the woman's buggy land speed record on Monday clocking in at a verified 58.8 mph. She's a friend and we buggied together a fair amount this week. That is to say, we'd both be out on the playa at the same time and I'd be thinking that I was going really fast and she's repeatedly rip past me again (and again, and again!). I've got a fair amount of helmet positioned GoPro footage that I will work on by and by and get some postings up. For me I found my go to kites were my Flysurfer Peaks. The week was varied enough in winds that I was able to get a lot of use out of my 4m, 6m, and 12m. Twice I had the 9m out of the bag ready to unfurl only to decide to size down to the 6m @jhn.holgate proverbial "cheeseburger wrapper". Both times it proved to be the wiser decision. Live to ride another day! Four things set the Peak2s apart in my quiver for Ivanpah: 1) super easy to launch from the playa in the middle of nowhere when you find yourself in a temporary dead spot; 2) the little ball that slides down and hold the bar in place at just the right level of DP thus allowing just fingertips on the bar for minutes at a time on long hauls; amazing amount of DP with the bar pushed all the way out making it possible to scrub virtually all power as needed; and, 4) the clam cleat adjuster which came in handy a few crucial times when I had the 12m in the air and the wind shifted and got a WHOLE LOT stronger.
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    Kite buggy for the disabled

    Hey, am new here but just wanted to share my entry to the sport as someone with the disability (paraplegic) Here is a little video of my recent experience on new brighton beach in CHCH, NZ. Have been lucky enough to have the help of Gav Mulvay to set up a buggy with hand controls and am having a great time with it. (thanks gav). It is a pretty simple and easily removable mod that seems to work great.
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    Bryan van Ostheim

    Monjet Kiteboarding

    Hello Extremekiters! Our website is finally online www.monjetkiteboarding.com
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    Dear kite friends! I wanted to give you all a quick update. We had some small issues with the design, but are fixing it right now. It seems to take a little longer than expected, single skin depower is a ver complex design. We have some great help from a lot of people. Thank you!

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