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    Pansh Cerberus

    No release date yet. But it's on its way.
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    It finally all came together for me yesterday on my quest to get a land based off season Snowkiting fix. As folks know that have been following my skate equipment progression I've been searching for a while for a good setup for navigating lush grass fields and hard playa surfaces alike. I've settled on a Nordic Scouts wheel/frame setup featuring 200x50mm inflatable knobby tires in a wheels of doom frame setup. As yesterday's kiting session proved to me, these were a great way to go. Decent rolling once under kite power, great grip for edging, and just flat out look right when I see them on my feet. These wheels of doom skates coupled with all the "plastic courage" I could put on my body set me up for a strong session with decent speed and lots of hard ski-like angulation that had me stopping to rest ever few minutes - yeah! My kite of choice was a 9m Peak2, something I was very pleased with. I was digging the combination of strong power down the straight aways on a set of grass fields that put a couple of soccer pitches side by side coupled with tons of DP at the ends to slow me down enough to (somewhat) gracefully step turn my turns. Lots of upside left in that part of my game! As my confidence grows kiteskating like this I think I'll bust out my Ozone Frenzy (9m) or Summits (12 & 15m) and have a go at a little vert. Whupp!
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    One more shot from Flexi Blade Saturday session
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    Some kiteskating yesterday
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    Nasa Star 3

    I have always agreed that I haven't seen a need for handles versus bar flying with these kites but this will have a narrow intended wind range and I generally do not enjoy flying large nasa's in my inconsistent light wind so I figured I would try 4 line to see if it would have any advantages. It may or may not but figured it would be worth a shot. I plan on using a strop with some sort of qr in the buggy which will provide decent leverage over the brakes. I haven't flown my 7m nasa for over a year. Once I figured out it didn't have any appreciable low end advantage over my 6m peak, I stopped using it altogether. If I like handles on the fat lady, I may convert the 5.5 and 7 to 4 line and leave the 2.5 and 4 on bars for street kite.
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    Nasa Star 3

    Once it's on long lines, all that 'flappines' should be gone - although that could be a bit of lack of brake tension at times. Handles are a bit of fun with the Nasa stars but I really couldn't see any benefit once I was in the buggy. Sure you can back it down on the brakes but I've found it just as easy to park it on it's nose at the edge of the window. It will be interesting to hear what you think of it on handles and long lines in the buggy.
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    Pansh Aurora2

    This is flying on my modified v1 bridle.
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    Nasa Star 3

    @windstruck, very generously sent me the only known 12.5 ns3 in America. I've been limited on time so in a desperate attempt to test it out, I tried launching in gusty 10-15 mph winds yesterday. As you can imagine, that was a bad idea. A little stupidity mixed with arrogance made me ignore what I knew would happen. Being cautious I decided to launch unhooked but with a leash attached from harness to the biner for third line on the bar. This would allow unhooked full power flying while keeping kite tethered if I let go. I start to launch and as soon as the sail took shape on the ground, I start running/sliding forward under the tremendous power. This caused it to sit back down after only getting a couple feet above ground. I launch again and this time being dragged the whole time, I get the kite 10' above ground and as soon as I start to turn the kite right, it catches and pulls me over, I let go and the leash is still well powered. I had to hit the leash safety. I hadn't had to do that yet. So im now well humbled by this beast. Winds are calm today. I plan on splitting the bridle and running handles. My theory is that with inconsistent light wind it will have a back stall tendency on 2 line. I'm hoping to mitigate this with 4 line no z control. Thanks steve, can't wait to continue my testing.
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    New cam from SJcam

    You need one of these mounts for backpacks, I've got one and they are awesome.
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    Need 4 Speed

    New video from Lewis Wilby... Perhaps they should of called it Need 5 Speed?
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    12m Speed3 Deluxe

    Price Dropped $1500.00 + postage
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    World record at Lefroy.

    A great effort. That's the way we sail at Lefroy Joel "on the edge" or your taking up too much room. On 3 wheels it's very over rated. 35-45 knot winds are pure heaven. Ben Ashby also did a fantastic job with the camera filming him from his 5.6 mini yacht too. I was camping 40kms away from Lake Lefroy last weekend and was dreaming about the boys having a crack on the salt. Ben had previously taken the same kart to 108kmh 2 years ago. Bryan cracked 100 and I only managed 98.7kmh in it that day. I now have built up a 5.5m2 storm sail, to give it a crack in a 5.6 mini class when all the planets align on Lefroy sometime in the future.

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