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    I got one of those in Sidney about 1997 but it's goon now, perhaps it's like Biros in THHGTTG @igeighty that was fast for a man on one leg
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    Kitesurfing a Wave Pool

    Interesting... and he pulls it off quite well too
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    I like the Chrono's as I can kitebike and kitesurf in the same session without chancing kites, bar pressure is perfect light enough to kite all day Blackjack, I would be using my 13m in 12 knots for the buggy, but if I was going to kitesurf as well, I would use my 18m Chrono, Airtime (I don't have a 15m ) and use the trimmer to depower it for landkiting. Yip, over 30 knots LEI time for no stress fun. Over 45 knots 4m UNO, unless you want a speed recond then it would be a 6m R1 and a tube of no more nails to glue your balls down
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    Funny Photos

    Lol that's exactly what I think when I get in them. There are a lot in the health system
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    Funny Photos

    Schindler's Lift
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    sadly there is no really exciting story to this one I was standing in the middle of the road, being a traffic nazi as usual i put one foot in front of the other to commence forward motion and BANG it just went out from under me The doctor says, 'these things happen to an old bloke like you' cheeky bugger, Two weeks later and the ultrasound still shows a 4cm tear. Thanks for all the well wishes guys. looks like i am only going to be down for a few weeks rather than months. PS i love the small kites, At the world cup in 95 i scored a chinese dragon train kite. it had a head about the size of a ping pong ball with 100 cells about 3cm diameter. i have no idea what ever happen to it
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    Funny Photos

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    Funny Photos

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